End Citizens United’s Decade Long Battle With James Bopp

In 2010 the Federal Election Commissions aw one of their most important rulings overturned. We are, of course, talking about the Citizens United decision that the Supreme Court rendered down. Citizens United, a conservative and right wing thinktank, has been engaging in a systematic assault on the very foundations of the United States political system. The goal of Citizens United has always been to upend the regulation that keeps American voting rights in the hands of the people. Their work all comes back to that done by a lawyer named James Bopp.

James Bopp has been in charge of Citizens United since the beginning. He first tried to begin his systematic attack on the integrity of the election back in 2008 with his work on ‘Hillary: The Movie”. This film was a propaganda hit piece created and armed by right wing donors and lobbied at Hillary Clinton who, at the time, was running against Barack Obama for the Democratic nominee. Bopp argued before the FEC that he should be allowed to air the film as a legitimate documentary during the primary debates, despite the fact that it was fueled by propaganda and funded by the RNC. Bopp was rightfully laughed out of court. That would not be the end of the conversation.

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In 2010 Bopp would appear before the Supreme Court and there he would argue that campaign donations were an extension of ‘free speech’ and that corporations were people. It is pretty obvious the angle that Bopp was trying to take with this line of thinking. His goal was to upend campaign finance reform and in that measure, he actually succeeded. The country has been trying to recover ever since.

Aiding the country in attempted recovery is the work of a progressive political action committee named End Citizens United. End Citizens United has a goal as simple as their name: introducing a constitutional amendment in order to revert the Citizens United decision. Leading the PAC in 2017 is Tiffany Muller. Muller has taken up the burden of attending to campaign finance reform in the era of President Trump, a politician who has been as antagonistic toward progressive values as anyone in the history of the United states.

As a political action committee the work of End Citizens United requires grassroots funding and attendance as well as attention from the regular, every day voters of America. Without grassroots help and motivation, End Citizens United cannot be successful. So it was great to see that End Citizens United raised over $4 million within the first quarter of 2017. Their goal throughout the year is to raise a total of $35 million in order to fund a push during the 2018 congressional campaigns.

Investment Analysis with SahmAdrangi at the Time of Need

Kerrisdale Capital Management, with SahmAdrangi leading the way, has raised 100 million dollars to short sell the stock on a yet to be released company. This is a new tactic being used by quite an aggressive company ran by quite the pioneering founder. Ferrisdale Capital Management over the past 5 years has reported a 28 percent return on its’ main hedge fund, which bets for and against company stocks.

SahmAdrangi is the Chief Investment Officer and founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management and Mr. Adrangi has been involved in all aspects of the development since its inception in 2009. From 2009 to late 2014 Kerrisdale Capital Management grew their assets form 1 one million dollars to 300 million dollars. Right now the portfolio for Kerrisdale Capital Management sits at over a $100 million dollars in assets with over a one percent increase this quarter

Prior to his development and founding of Kerrisdale Capital Management, Mr. Adrangi worked with credit and equity funds as an investment analyst with Longacre Fund Management. Mr. Adrangi spent time advising for the Chagrin Capital Partners, mainly in the capacity of bankruptcy restructuring, after putting in some time at the Deutsche Bank, in their leveraged finance group.

SahmAdrangi has received his Bachelors in Arts in Economics from Yale University. SahmAdrangi was one of The Hedge Fund Journal’s Tomorrow’s Titans sponsored by EY, one of the Big Four accounting firms. At Yale SahmAdrangi wrote for the campus newspaper, almost took a job with The Wall Street Journal, and was a training journalist at Toronto’s Globe and Mail before taking the employment at Deutsche Bank. Mr. Adrangi made his name betting against what he believed to be fraudulent Chinese companies, making a lot of money when these companies failed. Mr. Adrangi has also made a name for himself to taking an activist approach and publishing research mainly on Chinese companies.

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Eric Pulier: America’s Unsung Hero

Some people are destined to do great things while others are not. Some people make a name for themselves by entertaining while others don’t. We all are different individuals, and we all have different paths in life. On the other hand, Eric Pulier seems to have it all. The guy has done some amazing things for mankind. His strong passion for technology has helped to create many revolutionary products and services. Pulier has a brilliant mind thanks to the way he views the world. He uses his innovative ideas to reach the mass public. This is a successful game plan, which has garnered him accolades that most people can’t even dream of. Though he’s not a household name, Pulier has made permanent mark on society.

Pulier grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey. As a child, he always seem to stand out, but for good reasons. Pulier was somehow able to program a computer as a fourth grader. That’s right! His high school years were no difference as he continued Eric Pulier’s creativity. You can probably follow the trend of this article by now because it all has do with technology. Pulier attended college between the years of 1984-1988. Harvard University was his stomping ground as he majored in American/English literature. He also wrote a column named “Pulier Leg.” Of course, it was a hit, but he also was the editor of the Harvard Crimson, which is the school’s daily newspaper. Pulier ended up graduating magna cum laude, and by 1991, he would begin his life out west.

Los Angeles was the next stop and Pulier got into the game early by starting People Doing Things. This company used innovative technology to solve the issues in the education and healthcare fields. Another one of his extraordinary endeavors included Starbright World. This was a private type of social media platform that connected thousands of chronically ill kids. They now had a way of communicating with each other, which was great for sharing perspectives. This only scratches the surface of what this man has done, but stay tuned because the best is yet to come.

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New Stores Open as Online Crowd for Fabletics Become Saturated

Fabletics is a powerful brand, and more people are finding out about this brand everyday. Kate Hudson has managed to become a leader in the retail clothing industry, and it is obvious that she is looking for an even greater chance to step out as the front-runner for comfortable clothing for working out.


Women are definitely embracing the clothing line that Kate Hudson is bringing to stores across America because they are showing their love through their patronage through the website. This website has become such a powerhouse that it has prompted Kate to expand the brand to physical stores. This is a rare thing because in many instances companies will close stores because there is a slowdown in sales.


There will be more people gravitating to the website so stores will close in order for companies to cut losses in order to start gaining profits again. In the case with Fabletics things are reversed. The website has been utilized by millions of people in America, Canada and Australia. Kate Hudson started this website along with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler close to 10 years ago. In this time frame many customers have become loyal fans of the brand, but Kate realized that this brand had become heavily saturated with an online audience.


Fabletics is definitely a brand that is giving people an option that they did not have before. In the past many of the athletic clothing companies were offering clothing to women that did not necessarily look stylish. In many cases clothing that was designed for women to work out in was not much different than the clothing that had been designated for workouts for men. Kate Hudson would add her own flamboyance to the Fabletics brand.


Hudson would be in the business of making the workout process of stylish one. Everyone may not have seen the vision that she had early on, but it is evident that people are seeing it for what it is worth now. There are even people that are looking forward to the new stores that are opening within the next five years. This will cater to the offline crowd that may have never got around to embracing the concept of online shopping.


Kate knows that there are customers out there than may be interested in workout clothes that may have never taken the time to go to her website. This is why she knows that there is a whole new audience beyond the market that has been saturated with the online crowd. She knows that there is something else that she can gain from consumers that are willing to go to a store and still try clothes on. She recognizes that people that are interested in trying on clothes will be much more likely to buy their clothes right away. People that shop online, by contrast, may browse for hours without actually utilizing your electronic shopping cart to check out. This is why Kate Hudson wants to get more physical stores opened.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Holds The Merrit To Bradesco’s Success In Modern Times

Not many Brazilian business executives have been as influential in the country’s economic life as Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, a president of Bradesco, which is a famous Brazilian bank with agencies in a number of countries. Cappi has accomplished many great success stories for Bradesco such as massive credit operations as well as some very large financial projects still in progress throughout Brazil. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s role as CEO has made it so that his opinions were followed and observed by many key business and political leaders in Brazil. Due to this, If Cappi says something publicly, it more often than not, is turned into headlines in newspapers or is featured in magazines and even cover issues.

Bradesco was able to reap advantages due to his powerful influence due to the fact of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s leadership position as the CEO. Bradesco is considered to be the second largest private bank in the country, which is close behind the biggest private bank, Itaú-Unibanco. Cappi is currently flourishing in his 60’s and demonstrates no signs of stepping away from the financial market.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was set to replace Márcio Cypriano, who was Bradesco’s third president. the As the fourth president to lead Bradesco since,1943, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is considered to be the third president after Amador Aguiar, who founded Bradesco, and was the first president by default. Cappi truly comprehends Bradesco’s corporate culture. Cappi worked for Bradesco for four decades before to becoming CEO and president. Cappi worked his way up the corporate ladder and the year he turned 47, he accepted the role of vice-president. Before Cappi accepted the position of vice-president, he led the private retirement funds as well as the marketing area. While leading the Insurance branch, Bradesco Seguros, Cappi gained the company’s recognition. Cappi’s results showed his potential. Cappi was able to increase Bradesco’s market share from 23% to 25% and increased the area income percentage from 26% to 35% in considering total income sources.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is from Marilia, São Paulo, where Amado Aguiar, Bradesco’s founder is from. Cappi is married and is the father of three. Cappi earned degree in Philosophy at USP (Universidade de São Paulo). Many see Cappi’s leadership style resemblance to his precursor. Cappi is a discrete man and does not display his wealth he is easy to approach. Cappi is also famous for being comical at times and especially for his amazingly outgoing smile. Cappi does not have typical banker profile. The vast majority of bankers have degrees in Accounting, Business Administration, Economy, or even in Engineering. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi earned a degree in Philosophy and also earned another degree in Social-psychology from the School of Sociology and Politics of São Paulo (Escola de Sociologia e Política de São Paulo).

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is regarded as being responsible for leading Bradesco becoming a modern bank. Cappi started this process when he was at the head of the marketing area of Bradesco throughout the 1980’s. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was successful in transforming the bank’s relationship with the media, which was even considered to be negative prior to his leadership in the marketing department.

The Bradesco standard set by Amador Aguiar, Bradesco’s founder, was permanently changed by Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Amador Aguiar had always determined Bradesco to offer the exact same services to everyone. Cappi was is to credit for Bradesco’s segmentation, which was an existing strategy put into practice by Bradesco’s main competitors at the time. Bradesco currently features the Bradesco Prime segment, which specializes in agencies which cater to high-income clients.

Getting Your Child Excited About School

Does your child love monsters? ClassDojo is a communication app you can use on your smartphone to let them become one. Each classroom gets there own friendly monster avatars to create. Teachers can use this app along with parents to share their childs learning and conduct at school. When your child is caught behaving well they receive points for things such as:teamwork,being creative or working hard. These reward points can be used for various things. Possible rewards can include extra recess, stickers, or just being recognized. Parents can even message the teacher directly through ClassDojo. This makes parents feel comfortable knowing that the teachers received their messages. Unlike leaving a message with the front office where it may or may not get to the teacher. To keep parents involved in the classroom the app automatically sends reminders to check emails of their childrens reports for the week. This helps parents because sometimes children can lose or misplace such papers throughout the day. Instead of sending a “Good Job” note home teachers are able to take pictures or video of your childs great day. This helps boost your childs energy seeing themselves interacting with others. Sometimes trying to ask “How was your day today?” is a hard one. With ClassDojo parents can see and read all the information directly from their teacher. This helps in knowing what exactly what to discuss with your child that day. So get ready for a great school year with this innovative app that encourages fun in learning. Parents everywhere are excited to connect with schools and there teachers.


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Larkin & Lacey:Advocates That Make A Difference!

There is nothing more heart provoking than discovering a child has been forced into human trafficking. This crime unfortunately keeps special police forces very busy working tirelessly to both expose the perpetrators and rescue the victims. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

According to statistics from the National Human Trafficking Hotline, in 2016 35.7 percent of cases had risen since 2015. There were over a horrifying 6, 340 cases reported in the United States alone. Human trafficking is a type of slavery where victims are exploited and forced to commit sex or labor acts against their will and their kidnappers receive financial compensation in return.

Of the 7,572 reported cases, 6,340 victims were girls and 978 were males. Out of those demographics, 2,387 instances were minors. If human rights groups and law enforcement didn’t advocate and fight for this cause, human trafficking would be so prevalent it would be the majority not the rule and criminals wouldn’t be incarcerated. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Micheal Lacey:  http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/ and http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/relevant-links/

Fortunately, there are many worthwhile human rights groups that take on this battle and do what many would find hard to. Since its establishment, Covenant House has helped over one million children from the human trafficking criminal trade.

Covenant House has been advocating and serving the needs of these special children for over forty years. They care for victims of homelessness, human trafficking, abused and runaways. It is estimated that Covenant House assists approximately 46,000 children on an annual basis.

The majority of the minors that Covenant House administers to have no family contact and most of them have suffered from the hand of family relations, making them one of last available resources to helping them back on their feet again.

The caregivers and staff of this special organization for exploited children employ an intended approach of unconditional love, honor and individualized custom provision. The five step ethical principles they use when helping these children are as follows.

  • Immediacy: They instantly provide whatever the child needs including medical care, counseling, shelter, meals, safety, bathing facilities and clothing.
  • Sanctuary: All children are provided with security from anyone wishing them harm.
  • Value Communication: Victims are taught by personal integrity between all interactions.
  • Structure: Covenant House makes sure the kids have a routine so they know they will not have to worry about their next meal or need.
  • Choice: The staff encourages victims to make right choices that would foster their future.

The Frontera Fund, executed by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, is an excellent example of how people and organizations can come together and make a difference in the support of honorable human rights groups. They have been a generous resource in fighting injustice and a valuable asset in defending liberty and justice for minorities and cases such as the aforementioned.

The fund was born out of a personal injustice to themselves, having been falsely arrested by Sheriff Arpaio, just before they were to go public with financial misgiving evidence. The two were awarded $3.7 Million as a result and all criminal charges were eradicated from the record.

White Shark Media Offering Services With No Long Term Contracts

White Shark Media is dedicated to their initiatives for making cost-effective, flat rate marketing and advertising approaches to assist their customers’ ongoing achievements. Things to know about this business is that they will not require any legal agreements from you as a customer. You can just deal with them just once without having to be worried about staying dedicated to them for long periods of time. White Shark Media is one of the primary businesses within the arrangement of internet marketing methods which can be described as a nicely developed service that will assist their clients and fit all of their needs. Solutions which they deliver concentrate on the small and medium projects.

White Shark Media is among the best businesses to do business with due to the way they handle their interactions with all of their customers. They already know their customers are able to acquire help from any other business, so they’ll produce things which anybody would be pleased with to keep their clientele coming back. The businesses that actually work with White Shark Media can provide their very own feedback, plus they can let you know what changes are necessary if any. There are lots that you can do just for one particular customer, and that’s why it is crucial that they’re able to remain in interaction with each client until the work or project is completed.

As a service provider of online marketing methods, White Shark Media has several customers all over the world that rely on the business’s solutions because of their dependable customer service. White Shark Media is an essential Internet Marketing company in The United States that provides online advertising options which are particularly custom-made for all types of businesses. The organization continues to be acknowledged as North America’s largest growing digital team.

White Shark Media is an online search engine marketing company, launched by 3 shareholders in 2011. It offers internet marketing methods and delivers premium quality and translucent supervision for its customers. White Shark Media has locations in the USA, Denver, and Central America. The company is known for providing affordable and dependable search engine services to customers who promote on the internet.

Jim Tananbaum helps Mindstrong Health to Raise Funds

Mindstrong Health is a successful startup that uses smartphones to treat and also diagnose any neuropsychiatric condition. Since it was established several months ago, the modern company has done a lot to help individuals who are living with mental disorders. The leadership of the institution has played a leading role in the success of the technologies used by the private company.

Just recently, Mindstrong Health announced that it had already raised fourteen million dollars in Series A funding. According to the top management in the institution, the money was collected from different investors coming from all over the nations. The investors who have given their money include Foresite Capital, One Brain Impact Fund, Optum Ventures and ARCH Venture Partners.

Paul Dagun serves as the chief executive director of the company. When making the announcement, the founder of the successful modern company said that the medicine developed was only focused on objective measurements. The experienced medical officer says that experts have not been able to find an effective way of tracking the mental health of the modern patients in a clinical setup. According to Paul, this has affected the outcomes of the treatments received by the patients. http://www.fiercebiotech.com/venture-capital/foresite-capital-reloads-a-450m-biotech-venture-fund

Individuals living with chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease and other have all the facilities they need, unlike the mental cases. Because Mindstrong Health has worked with people with a mental health condition for a while, it has realized that using the modern technology is the best way to help the patients. Using the funds raised in the campaign, Dagun believes that more patients will get the help they want so that they can live a normal life. Paul says that his institution will do its best to make the patients comfortable.

Jim Tananbaum is the founder and president of Foresite Capital. In an interview, the businessman says that he decided to fund Mindstrong Health because it is one of the best companies that specialize in mental health. His company, Foresite Capital, offers resources to businesses in the healthcare industry so that they can reach their goals. Mindstrong Health will benefit from the funds given by the organization. Visit the website at officialjimtananbaum.com.

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The Successful Expansion of OSI Industries

OSI Group in an open response, received Baho Foods, the largest food producer in the Netherlands. None of the organizations has resulted in the terms of the merger which still requires the approval of the administrative commissions of the European Union.

By the absorption of Baho foods, OSI Industries is buying into activities in Europe which provides a greater spatial proximity in Europe to complete the organization of product and brands of the current quality of European OSI operations. Baho Foods confirms that this workforce would in fact remain until further notice as the companies conclude they will create a substantial project management. Knowledge of the merger through the European market leaders, explains how OSI has exclusive partnerships with customers and suppliers of the OSI group, which it uses very well, the experience and skills lended to the OSI Group.

While continuing the journey to significantly pioneer in the food industry, the OSI Group received a food preparation property with Tyson Foods office in Illinois. Tyson Foods or OSI Group disclose terms of purchase. Though the office, near The Southside of Chicago, is closed for the manufacture of herbal products by the OSI Group, It additionally increases its ability to meet demand for the expansive company.

Tyson Foods said the office was small compared to its other processing equipment and could not adjust the basic changes and extensions. So beginning last year, Tyson Foods asked OSI Group to enable their capacity to expand demand and was well received. Vice president of Tyson Foods is satisfied with the results of the merger nonetheless, and I quote,”We strive to make this office a sign of a wider OSI manufacturing system.” The representatives of the OSI group showed that the former employees of Tyson Foods factory offered much progress to the brand, as they look forward to a successful venture as well.

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