Shiraz Boghani- The British Business Mogul

Shiraz Boghani is a British entrepreneur and professional accountant. After moving to the U K, Shiraz studied basic accounting at an accounting firm in the UK at the time and later gained experience to become a very polished accountant. He then moved to Thomson McLintock where he furthered his literacy in accounting. Throughout his career, Boghani has held many senior positions. He immigrated to the UK in 1969 and started working at KPMG as a tax man. He was also integral in giving advice to clients in regard to Tax issues.

At KPMG, Shiraz Boghani worked for over a decade and rose in ranks over the years. Early 1980s Shiraz ventured into healthcare and invested in the health industry. He set up the Sussex health care, and the following founded another health care group known as the Splendid Hospitality Group. Both ventures have risen against the odds and are presently major players in UK’s health industry. Follow Shiraz Boghani on Medium.

The Sussex healthcare boasts over 20 different homes across the UK. The homes offer elderly care services and are furnished with all facilities as a normal hospital would have. The homes also offer services for the disabled too. All Sussex healthcare offer gym services to their clients. The homes are designed in such a way that they resemble the resident’s previous homes.

Shiraz Boghani also manages the Splendid Hospitality Group. The facility is located in Pinner in Middlesex. The company has quite a number of high-end hotels across the UK. Shiraz Boghani has been rated amongst the most successful entrepreneurs in the UK in the recent times. All his hotels are either three stars or 5 stars and are preferred by many people visiting the UK due to their state of art services. They include The New Ellington, Hilton London Bankside London, and Leeds amongst others.

His hard work and commitment have won him several awards. In 2016, he was named as the Asian businessman of the year. This award was awarded to him due to his leadership as the chairman of the Splendid Hospitality group. With over 30 years of expertise in accounting, Shiraz Boghani footprint’s in the UK business circles are indelible.


OSI Industries: Strategies It Used To Be a Global Food Processor

The number of private food companies has continued to increase. Meat processing companies are making the American economy stronger each day. OSI Industries is among the meat processing companies doing well in the country today. The company is based in Chicago, and it was established in 1909. The American company has its main offices in Aurora Illinois. Sheldon Lavin is one of the unmatched executive leaders in this company. OSI is among the food providers you can find in America. The company is committed to supplying quality processed products like meat. The growth of this company is evident through the 65 factories it has established. Besides being in over 17 countries, OSI has managed to employ about 20,000 people to work in that company.

Some of the products OSI Industries deals with include fish, dough products, meat patties, hot dogs, pork, vegetables, poultry, pizza, and bacon. Among the many food processing companies in the United States, OSI is among the first 100. The privately-owned company appeared number 58 in 2016 according to Forbes. It’s among the largest food companies America has today with $6.1 billion net worth. The British Safety Council acknowledged the efforts of this company and awarded it a prestigious award in 2016. The global honor award indicated the company is a force in the food processing industry.

The award giving ceremony was done in London at Drapers Hall. The firm qualified for this special award for its exceptional skills in risk management and environmental consciousness. Other 18 companies were also awarded the same time for their commitment to keeping the environment safe despite their numerous business activities. Any company carrying out its business activities without destroying the environment attracts a prestigious award. OSI Industries also received another award in 2013 for its tremendous performance and another one in 2015.

Many people across the world have come to appreciate the OSI products. This has helped the company to increase its production and double the sale of chicken products. The facility the company has in Toledo Spain has assisted it to make such tremendous growth. The company used to produce twelve thousand tons each year. Nevertheless, the company today produces about twenty-four tons a year. Although the company has 140 job categories, it intends to add 20 more to continue producing quality products. OSI Industries is expanding to meet the evolving numerous needs of its customers. The company has bought another processing plant facility Tyson Foods owned in Chicago.

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InnovaCare Health: Where Patients Come First

InnovaCare Health is based out of the Fort Lee, New Jersey area. They are dedicated to providing exceptional care for seniors. They are focused on value-based care and making sure that their patients come first; no exceptions. They take an integrated approach to make sure that they provide the best care at the best prices possible.


Who is Dr. Richard Shinto?


Rick Shinto is the president and CEO of InnovaCare. He is a dedicated doctor that has won numerous awards. This is including Modern Healthcare’s Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare Award which Shinto received in the year 2018.


Richard Shinto’s education was through the University of California, the State University of New York, and the University of Redlands. He holds a BS, a medical degree, and an MBA. Shinto has had some prestigious jobs before coming to Innova. His last job was at Aveta Inc. as the president and CEO. He has also worked for companies such as NAMM California, Medical Pathways Management Company, Cal Optima Health Plan, and more. At every job, he has brought the same sense of compassion and intelligence with him. Check out



Rick Shinto serves on the board of directors for both America’s Health Insurance Plans and Directors for America’s Physician Groups.


Who is Penelope Kokkinides?


Kokkinides serves as the chief administrative officer at InnovaCare Health. Before working at Innova, she also worked at companies such as Officer of Aveta Inc. and Centerlight HealthCare. Her educational background comes from schools such as Binghamton University, New York University, and Columbia University School of Public Health. Penelope Kokkinides has two decades of experience in her healthcare career.


InnovaCare Health experts believe in growth and strong teams driving each other to constantly improve.


Under Rick Shinto’s guidance, InnovaCare Health has entered the Medicaid market and seen unbelievable growth. Shinto originally laid the groundwork for the company in 1998, but InnovaCare Health wasn’t officially formed until 2012.


InnovaCare health mainly provides their managed health services through Medicare. In 2018, the company expanded their corporate leadership team by adding professionals such as Peter Zafris and Frank Izquierdo. Both bring to the table an extensive background, and a wealth of experience. You can visit their Facebook page.



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GreenSky Credit reflects CEOs rational vision of value creation

Upon touring the GreenSky Credit global headquarters, one will notice things that are quite different from other billion-dollar tech companies. For example, there are no beanbag chairs, foosball tables or beer dispensers within the GreenSky Credit offices. And the layout of the building is strictly utilitarian. Absent are the large open spaces and other amenities that could uncharitably but fairly be called wastes of space.

The relatively spartan nature of the company’s headquarters is a reflection of the man who started the firm. David Zalik is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. Like many highly successful individuals, he is often a seeming self-contradiction. While his approach to business is in some ways ultra-conservative, it is worth remembering that Zalik took the incredibly bold and risky move of betting every cent of his net worth on the future success of his company. He is consummately cost-conscious. Yet he has consistently pursued a highly aggressive growth strategy. And that strategy has ultimately paid off.

Zalik is famous for quipping that the best reason not to give a tech startup $30 million in venture capital is so that they won’t be able to waste $30 million. It is attitudes like this that have long defined Zalik as a Silicon Valley outsider. Yet GreenSky Credit is now widely recognized as being one of the most important firms in the fintech space. While competitors OnDeck and Lending Club have crashed and burned by virtue of their own strategic missteps, GreenSky Credit has grown steadily every year of its existence.

Ultimately, it has been Zalik’s focus on prime, rather than subprime, borrowers that has made all of the difference in the success of GreenSky Credit. While OnDeck and Lending Club were focused on developing shaky peer-to-peer lending models and pushing loan products that were little different from the notorious ultra-subprime NINJA loans that nearly sunk the financial industry in 2008, Zalik has connected prime borrowers with lenders who are all too glad to get high-quality loans on their books.

As a result of this dynamic, GreenSky Credit is often able to offer some of the best loan terms in the industry.

Jason Hope Talks about the Impact of Technology

Jason Hope Talks about the Impact of Technology

Jason Hope is a celebrated entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist and futurist who is a native of Arizona. He recently launched his e-book ‘Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: Quick guide for thriving in the IoT era’. With this book, Jason intends to teach the society how to prepare for an era where almost every gadget will be hinged on the performance of another. Jason hope hopes that the populace will see the importance of staying updated in the technology sector since it is the future. For more information read about Jason Hope on Medium

The Internet of Things

This refers to the link of gadgets and devices to both the internet and each other. This connection provides a platform that enhances the exchange of information and data and relays it to people. Through his book, Jason emphasizes the need to embrace this in their homes and also how entrepreneurs can adopt it in their businesses. Moreover, he talks about how governments can apply it in leading their nations to promote increased productivity and service quality. This will help improve sectors such as architecture, energy, manufacturing, and health. Aside from that, the book also illustrates the impact that IoT will have on the future, for example, impossible tasks will be easily accomplished, and production costs will lower while efficiency will be increased.

Background information

Jason Hope went to Arizona State University where he studied Finance then went to W.P Carey School of Business for his MBA. He was able to grow a successful business and gain global popularity within a short time. As a futurist, he leans towards smart technology and automation. As a philanthropist, he contributes towards the advancement of innovative technologies such as anti-aging treatment has drawn national attention. Mr. Hope contributed $500,000 in 2010 to help the organization establish and equip the Cambridge SENS laboratory. The organization also used part of the money to launch a new research program. SENS is focused on discovering treatments for degenerative illnesses that cause people to age more rapidly and ruin the body. Aside from that, Hope is fascinated by research that is rooted in innovative but unorthodox reasoning in technology. Visit:



Financial Expert Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is the Fortress Investment Group LLC’s director. He is also the organization’s co-founder as well as the chief executive officer of the company. Fortress Investment Group LLC is an investment company. Since the company was established, Randal Nardone has served in its top management. In 2006, he became a member of the board of directors and became the company’s chief executive officer in 2013. At the moment Randal is 51 years old, and he is a self-made entrepreneur. On the Forbes ranking, he came in number 557. Randal is worth 53 million in the Fortress Investment Group which are worth $1.6 million. In addition to this, he has achieved net cash of $100since 2005.

Randal Nardone received his bachelor’s degree in arts as well as his doctorate in Jurisprudence from the University of Connecticut. After graduating, he joined Thatcher Profit and Wood. Randal later moved to UBS and BlackRock Financial. In 1998, he felt it was time to get his company and together with partners, Michael Novogratz, Wesley Edens, Robert Kauffman, and Peter Briger they co-founded Fortress Investment Group. With his expertise and experience, he has managed to lead the company to high heights of success. He has contributed immensely to the growth and development of the organization. To date, the organization offers services of high quality to its clients.

While executing his duties, Randal Nardone has developed to become a financial analyst. He has been the force behind all the operations that take place in the Fortress Investment Group. Most companies and individuals have managed to grow financially because of the advice they have received from Randal Nardone. Alongside serving at Fortress Investment Group as the CEO, Nardone works at Springlife financial holdings as its president. He also works at Newcastle investment holdings as its secretary and vice president.

Those working with the Fortress Investment Group as employees have shared their views when it comes to working with the organization as well as the company’s CEO. According to them, the Fortress Investment group is the best place to work as the company nurtures them toward their future careers. In addition to this, they claim that the company recognizes hard work and awards best performance. Moreover, the organization has been a place to challenge many as well as broaden their knowledge base. The firm according to the employees, offers learning opportunities as well as an inspiration to many who looks forward to working with smart people.

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Michael Hagele; an entrepreneur and an investor

Michael Hagele is an investor in early-stage technology companies. He is a founder and an investor in many other organizations like the hospitality and hotel industries. He serves as a general advisor for a group of technology industries. These industries are; internet, defense, aerospace, and biotechnology. He is very experienced in negotiating, licensing, drafting and closing deals in international and domestic telecom areas. Michael Hagele has also worked in commercial deals since they relate to technology firms, property right issues and other companies’ day in day out transactions. Read more about Michael on Crunchbase

Michael Hagele pursued his bachelor degree in Business Administration from the University of Iowa. He also did a degree in law at the University of California. Before becoming an investor, he worked as general advisor for several venture capitals backed internet companies. Here, he managed all legal affairs which include employment problems, property purchases, sales and analysis of intellectual property rights portfolios, merger and acquisition activities among others. He has also worked for Fenwick & West companies. He worked under Licensing and Online Commerce Group.

As an independent attorney and an employee in several firms, Michael realized that small practices would serve clients better. It makes it easier to offer inexpensive and high-quality legal services to clients. His day to day activities is handling general matters and intellectual property issues, counseling, working on contracts for technology licensing deals. During his afternoon bike rides, he develops ideas or sometimes figures how to solve the company’s problems. He also gets to have a conference with his foreign investment partners to talk about strategies.

Social media is what fueled his practice’s growth. He advises that it is essential for business growth. The platform helped him connect with his clients in a more personal way. Open dialogue most importantly helps promote services and products. Michael Hagele puts his clients first. This is paramount as an entrepreneur. His favorite trend is artificial intelligence and its’ variety of applications such genetic programming. He says that machine learning is useful in the century since it gives the possibility of discovering new things and clarifying unproven concepts of a program’s impact. Hagele recommends physical exercises for entrepreneurs’ development since it sharpens the mind and recharges the body.



Southridge Capital Group Financial Services

Steve Hicks has a vast experience of more than 30 years in the financial industry. He learned that the federal government would take off the gloves in a fight with the fund. He also affirmed that the government is always harsh when preparing for a battle. Steve Hocks believes that the government is not above the law and should not cheat or lie whenever it encounters an individual or a company. Steve Hicks also declares that various periodicals offer real-time wisdom for all those interested in strengthening and promoting funds, wealth and personal portfolio. Stephen Hicks of Southridge advise investors to have a review of Quote stream, The Wall Street Journal, and OTC Markets. Hicks claims that these resources will help them understand the current threads and the historical trends.


Steve recently shared lunch with a political insider who has vast experience in the rise of cryptocurrency. Hicks has a strong belief in that all the newbies and those interested in growing and expanding their client base need to double their investment on cryptocurrency. He also advocates young and upcoming investors to develop podcasts or channels that are aimed at cryptocurrency. He believes that it’s mandatory for him to watch TV shows that involve interviews with guests sharing their experiences with cryptocurrency. According to Steve, Cryptocurrency is the next big thing. He finally advises the investors to buy a copy of Titan since it explores the life of Rockefeller. This advice seems like for the NYC. Steve Hicks has made tremendous success that makes him a significant figure in the hedge fund industry worth to listen to.


Southridge Capital is conversant of all that every upcoming company requires. It has highly skilled and experienced staff that stands to be the best for consultation and advice on various issues ranging from how to become a public company to personalized financial strategies that are aimed at optimizing the management of a balance sheet. This comes in sections by having financing of more than 250 public companies. Under the a-advisory cover, Southridge Capital offers a portfolio of services covering many situations such as balance sheet optimization, financial analysis, mergers and acquisition procedure services, advice on bankruptcy, restructuring analysis, and legal statement services. The structured finance factors of Southridge Capital includes credit-enhancing, securitization, and financial solutions. You can visit their Facebook and Twitter page.


Why David McDonald is the best leader at OSI Group

Good leadership determines whether a company achieves success or not. For a company to succeed, there must be a leader who is experienced and who is essential in guiding the company in the right direction. Many companies have collapsed in the past because they lack proper leadership and others like OSI Group have achieved immense success because able and visionary leaders lead the company. Among those who have shown outstanding leadership abilities is David McDonald who has been the president of OSI Group. Since he joined the company he has guided it to achieve success and today he is one of the most celebrated leaders at the company. OSI Group is a company that prides itself for being provider of the best food products in the market. They provide quality protein products, and they have consistently done so for many years since inception.

Who is David McDonald?

He is an alumnus of the Iowa State University. He graduated from the university with a degree in Animal Science, and that began the foundation of his successful career. He later joined OSI Group as an employee and rose through the ranks to become the president of the institution today. Since he has worked at OSI Group for over three decades, he has acquired a lot of experience that is unmatched. Apart from experience, David McDonald is passionate about what he does, and that is why he has led OSI Group to current expansion. He is the leader who will take the company to the next level.

He facilitated Baho food acquisition

OSI Group deals with high-quality protein foods. One of the goals of David McDonald is to ensure the expansion of the company to other countries. He has successfully done so because the company purchased Baho Food which is a company based in the Netherlands. The acquisition was facilitated by David who is always looking for ways to market the company in other countries. The acquisition is crucial because it helps the company to grow. The exceptional leadership of McDonald has led to such growth of Baho Food.

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Big Jim Larkin Was a Hero for Irish People

Since Jim Larkin came in and was a wrecker for the unions, he knew he could help other people with the issues they faced in employment. He didn’t want to have to compete with scabs, but he knew he had a lot of chances to make things better for everyone. He also knew things would keep changing for people who wanted to get things done in the union.

Jim Larkin made a point of coming up with new ideas so he could help people succeed in different positions. It was his goal to create a positive employment opportunity for all the people he worked with. No matter how hard he had to try to give back to the community, he felt there were things that would make his life easier while he continued helping people see the positive interactions they could experience in the workplace. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

Even though most companies would take years to adapt to what he wanted them to do, Jim Larkin still brought a lot of change for the unions. He wanted to show people they could get more from their jobs and they could have a positive experience no matter how hard they had to work.

It made sense for him to continue helping people with all the issues they were dealing with. Based on his experience with the union, Jim Larkin felt things would continue changing for people who needed to try different things. Read more: The Definite Biography of Big Jim Larkin – Irish Examiner and James Larkin | Wikipedia

As long as Jim Larkin knew how to help people, he could continue making the union options better. He had a lot of hope for what he was doing in the future and that’s how he pushed to make things better.

Jim Larkin believed the union would be the change that workers needed. Even though it didn’t happen right away, Jim Larkin’s influence on the community had a huge impact.

It made things better for him and also made it easier so he could try to give people all the things they needed to do. Since he spent his time doing this, it made sense for him to continue helping people with these things.