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NuoDB Continues Impressive Growth

NuoDB is a database company that was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts back in 2008. MuoDB has already been recognized on the Gardner Magic Quadrant and its technologies are used by many prolific companies such as Dassault Systemes, Kodiak, Alfa Systems, and UAE Exchange to name a few of its biggest customers. The co-founders of this […]

The Tantalizing And Amazing Collections Of Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette is a brand of Australian lingerie with plans to dedicate a site to United States e-commerce and take their portfolio from the United Kingdom to a total of forty stores compared to the current three. This will all happen by the time 2018 ends. Eloise Monaghan founded the brand in 2006 in Brisbane. […]

How Highland Capital is Changing the Face of Investment

If you follow investment news, you must have heard about Highland Capital. Highland Capital Management is an investment firm which operates under various affiliates. When combined, the business itself has over $15 billion assets under its management. The firm is one of the largest credit managerss with a global reach and a wealth of experience. […]

Keith Mann: Looking Out For The Police

Keith Mann is not the type of person that believes everything that he reads out there. He knows that with the Internet, there can be a lot of things said and written in today’s day and age. It is all about click bait and trying to get as many readers as possible. That is what […]

Makeup Gurus On YouTube

There are so any makeup gurus on YouTube who are literally changing the world with their advice and tips. It always amazes me to see how so many women and even young girls are able to grow their brand and build their fan base on things video sharing website. You’ll notice that the growth is […]

Adam Sender creates one of the top contemporary art collections in the world

Mentioning the name Adam Sender on Wall Street will bring a response detailing the business career of the hedge fund specialist and former head of Exis Capital. Contemporaries and those who are embarking on a career in finance may also discuss the control Sender exerted over his trading floor as he watched more than 20 […]

A Victory for LGBT people

  The state of Wyoming has passed a bill that will allow LGBT to be protected against discrimination. The bill bans discrimination just because of someone’s sexual orientation in public venues. Although, this bill was passed, another bill is also being introduced. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act is trying to ban LGBT people on moral […]

Gay Marriage is Legalized in Alabama

  Same sex marriages can officially begin in the state of Alabama. In the latest state of the union to acknowledge gender identical marriages, many are outraged. Still those who feel that a marriage should be between a man and a woman is fighting about what they believe are right. I noticed this year when […]

Man Had Ex-Girlfriends Review Him on Tinder and Something Amazing Happened

  Tinder. For those of you who are not in the know Tinder is a dating app that has gained a lot of users and popularity recently. Single guy Jake Chapman had his profile up on Tinder but wanted to do something a little different with it. Jake took to texting his exes to see […]

The Wise Choice for Your New Cosmetic Look is Dr. Rod Rohrich

Human beings as well as animals recognize each other by what we look like. Each face is unique and distinguishable among others and for those looking to get get back into the dating scene this is important. For those who choose to alter their looks, it is important that a competent plastic surgeon complete the […]