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Enlightenment through Kabbalah Teachings

The Kabbalah Center is an international organization based in Los Angeles, California. It provides lessons on the Zohar and Kabbalistic teachings through online platforms and Kabbalah centers located in different locations across the Globe. The platform through which Kabbalah is presented was first developed by Philip Berg and his wife, Karen Berg. The organization has […]

Kabbalah Center’s Effort to Spread Kabbalistic Teachings Worldwide

The Kabbalah is considered as an ancient foundation of knowledge. This is because it focuses on how life on earth is related to the entire universe. The word “Kabbalah” is a derivative of the Hebrew language and it means, “To receive.” Kabbalah students grow spiritually as they learn the Kabbalistic teachings. Most people lack spiritual […]

Adam Milstein Receives Recognition for His Charitable Works.

Adam Milstein, the co-founder and chairman of the Israel-American Council (IAC), was recently recognized by the Jerusalem Post as one of the 50 most influential Jewish figures. This attribute comes by due to Mr. Milstein’s impact in the world for the past year, and his potential to impact even greater change in the years to […]