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New York City Vacancies are Rising Higher

News has broke about the housing market. The housing bubble has recently burst again which resulted in the rise in vacancies particularly in apartment complexes. The rate of vacancies have been highest since 2006. However, New York is not the first market to burst. It is merely the latest in a series of market bursts. […]

Apartment Hunting in New York City- Where to Start

New York City is one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the country. The opportunities in the City are endless, as are the options for entertainment. If you are planning on moving to New York, however, one of the most daunting questions to ask yourself is “where am I going to live?” Although […]

Finding Real Estate in New York City

The New York area is booming with real estate opportunities. It doesn’t matter if someone is planning to invest or purchase a home. There are a plethora of different opportunities for people to engage in. There are homes and apartments throughout the city. New developments are being designed all the time, and historic properties are […]