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End Citizens United Continues To Fight The Use Of Money In Politics

End Citizens United is trying to help Democrats fight a system that has been rigged for a long time. For this purpose, they are endorsing three Democratic candidates for the House, and calling for campaign finance reform. Their ideology is Democratic candidates from all different districts must run with a platform embracing how important a […]

End Citizens United’s Decade Long Battle With James Bopp

In 2010 the Federal Election Commissions aw one of their most important rulings overturned. We are, of course, talking about the Citizens United decision that the Supreme Court rendered down. Citizens United, a conservative and right wing thinktank, has been engaging in a systematic assault on the very foundations of the United States political system. […]

George Soros: Transforming Global Politics Through Philanthropy

About George George Soros is an American billionaire, ranked #23 in Forbes’ Magazine 2016 world billionaire list. His net worth is approximated to me at $25.2 billion as of February 2017. He boasts of a Bachelor’s degree from the London School of Economics. After graduating, Soros worked at a local brokerage firm as an international […]