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Grassroots Political Organizing – Getting the Word Out

One of the hardest things to do during campaigning is going door to door. With countless maps and other organizational tools need; preparation is a chore. But now a newly created software, Distributed Canvassing, has made “Cutting Turf,” as it’s called a lot easier. This innovative software has changed how volunteer’s and staff conduct campaigning […]

Automaker Stocks Are Still A Good Investment Assures Marcio Alaor

  The way Marcio Alaor tells it, Henry Ford did not allow his successful motor car company go public during his lifetime. And he illustrates how General Motors was able to leapfrog far beyond Ford to become a $53 billion dollar company, starting with GM’s original Initial Public Offering (IPO) exactly a hundred years ago, […]

Luxury Men’s Shoes: Why They’re Worth Investing In

Luxury men’s shoes have a higher price tag than most other shoes on the market but that’s for many good reasons. Not only are they made with higher quality materials than cheaper shoes, but they are also designed with great emphasis on detail. Both of these things are incredibly important for men who are looking […]

Why Women Wear Makeup

The average women wants to look good. Looking good helps women feel good, especially in a culture that places high value on looks. Make up can help women bring out their best features. Make up can also help bring an artistic touch to their style. With make up, a woman could experiment with many different […]

The Supreme Court Decision On Same-Sex Marriage Could Be A Double-Edge Sword

If the Supreme Court decides to legalize same-sex marriage in 13 states, 37 other states that allow gay marriages may have the bans reinstated — an issue that has peaked the interest of Ivan Ong. The reason is a previous Supreme Court decision not to hear the lower-court rulings that allowed same-sex marriages in 26 […]

Why I Choose To Use Skout, Over Any Other Network

I’m a big fan of social media, and I was on practically every website that was out there. Even though I a fan of social media, it began to wear me down when rumors started spreading about me, and the rumors were absolutely not true. It turns out that someone had hacked into one of […]

Sex Lives of Rich and Poor Women Very Much Alike

Being rich or being poor has no impact on a woman’s sex life. The economic status of the woman does effect pregnancy rates between the two income brackets, however. New research conducted by Brookings Institution show that a poor women is five times more likely to have a unplanned pregnancy and birth than a woman […]

Rosie O’ Donnell Filed For Divorce

Rosie O’ Donnell has been popping in and out of the spotlight for the last decade or so. She’s made movies, she’s been a lead actress, and she’s been the host of a popular television show. Most of the times, when she’s in the spotlight – she is IN the spotlight. She’s not known for […]