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A Modern Fairytale

Melissa Dohme, age 20, of Clearwater, Florida, lay unconscious and dying when the paramedics arrived. Her attacker stopped only because some passersby saw him and called 911. Cameron Hill, one of the paramedics, said it was one of the worst scenes he had ever witnessed, but somehow, he believed the girl would live – and […]

AnastasiaDate International Guide

Many singles are looking for love in all the wrong places. For example, at bars, nightclubs, and other crowded social events. Many look for alternative sources to find a love connection. The fact is that millions of men are turning to the Internet to find a new love. The Internet makes it easy for a […]

Why Ban Same Sex Marriage?

Take a moment and ponder your stance on same sex marriage. Now see if you can change your own mind. I would be willing to bet you can’t. Opponents of marriage equality continuously cite religious texts that claim to forbid these types of unions. They also attempt to influence folks on the fence of this […]

The Supreme Court Decision On Same-Sex Marriage Could Be A Double-Edge Sword

If the Supreme Court decides to legalize same-sex marriage in 13 states, 37 other states that allow gay marriages may have the bans reinstated — an issue that has peaked the interest of Ivan Ong. The reason is a previous Supreme Court decision not to hear the lower-court rulings that allowed same-sex marriages in 26 […]

Support For Same-Sex Marriage Is Growing Nationwide

A large number of lawmakers around the country are against same-sex marriage, but a new poll shows that 6 out of 10 Americans have no problem with it. The Washington Post News poll indicates that what our lawmakers want to do and what the public wants are two different things, especially if the topic is […]

A Romantic – Daily – Proposal

When it comes to asking someone for their hand in marriage, there are a lot of options out there. There are couples who become engaged while on a hot air balloon ride, and there are couples who become engaged while simply spending time in their home together. There are a lot of options available when […]

Kansas City Widows Get Valentine’s Surprise

This past Valentine’s Day, Jimmy Chouteau and his young son spent the day surprising widows in the Kansas City area. The father/son team had 100 red roses to handout to the ladies. Chouteau and his wife run a group called Widow Wednesday which helps widows in their area with handyman work around the house. For […]