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Nothing But The Best For Your Pooch!

Dog owners put a lot of work into protecting man’s best friend, especially when it comes to choosing high quality dog food. Dog owners have to be diligent in finding the right pet food suppliers who truly care for the needs of pets in order to insure their optimal health. Freshpet and Beneful are two […]

Automaker Stocks Are Still A Good Investment Assures Marcio Alaor

  The way Marcio Alaor tells it, Henry Ford did not allow his successful motor car company go public during his lifetime. And he illustrates how General Motors was able to leapfrog far beyond Ford to become a $53 billion dollar company, starting with GM’s original Initial Public Offering (IPO) exactly a hundred years ago, […]

Doe Deere Makes A Statement!

Doe Deere, of the beauty world and industry, is also known as Xenia. As the creator of the Lime Crime makeup line, Doe Deere strives for first rate quality, producing an ordinary product with better results and more coverage options than its industry competitors. Deere’s brand of makeup is known for its packaging, which is […]

What We Can Learn From Joseph Bismark

Joseph Bismark is no ordinary businessman, he is one that believes in compassion and makes humanitarianism the epicenter of his work, and he has thrived through it. Bismark is the director and co-founder of QI Limited, a company comprised of several subsidies, some of which sell health and nutrition products to their customers, and others […]