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How Securus Technologies Bridges the gap Between the Public and Private Security Agencies

The private security firms and the law enforcement agencies do not always maintain good relationships. However, the law enforcement officials need the help of the private security firms if they want to cut the red tape and get things done. Most law enforcement agencies have to maneuver through the bureaucratic procedures while undertaking the investigations […]

Securus: The Best Company You Haven’t Heard Of

Securus Technologies is caught in this weird little bubble. They are a telecommunications company that services the criminal justice system. Specifically, they provide telecommunications services to jails and prisons in almost every state of the country. View:   You have to understand something about our criminal justice system — everything works on exclusive government […]

Securus Technologies Has Taken Big Steps To Improve Inmate Communication

Securus Technologies is the world’s leading provider of technological solutions that are aimed at correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies. Securus Technologies provides this state of the art security maintenance products that help in monitoring and investigation of inmates to promote public safety and prevent criminal acts from happening. Some of the products Securus Technologies […]