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Ricardo Guimarães of BMG: Using Sports Sponsorship to Boost Business

  More than half of the clubs that are competing in the Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A have something in common. It is the same sponsorship partner and there are millions of fans, tradition and titles involved. Through corporate logos placed on athletes shirts or as a funding source in the hiring of players, today the […]

Hey, You Look Like My Girlfriend!

So, sometimes things trend online and they’re actually pretty bizarre. People don’t understand how they ended up online in the first place or why. Someone either captured a moment, or created one and the rest is history. The internet thought it was funny so they shared it, or turned it into a meme, or other […]

Kanye West Won’t Name His Son A Direction

E! recently caught up with Kanye West, and he did not spare comments during his interview. Kanye West revealed that he is very angry with the media and everyone else who judges him. For those of you that don’t know, Kanye West apparently feels disrespected, and it’s because people continuously make fun of his daughter’s […]

Dorell Wright Reveals Secrets About Kanye West’s Party

Dorell Wright is a world famous basketball player, and he just won the NBA championships with his fellow teammates of the Portland Trail Blazers. Aside from being one of the best players in the world, Dorell Wright and date Crystal Hunt were also among the few that were able to attend Kanye West’s birthday party. […]

American Apparel Changes Directions

American Apparel, the floundering retailer that has been in the news for abysmal sales numbers and an ongoing lawsuit with its founder and former CEO, has made headlines again. This time, the company is looking to change its demographic and completely revamp its style, according to recent reports. The company plans to make their advertising […]

Apartment Hunting in New York City- Where to Start

New York City is one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the country. The opportunities in the City are endless, as are the options for entertainment. If you are planning on moving to New York, however, one of the most daunting questions to ask yourself is “where am I going to live?” Although […]

The Dorchester Collection looks for the right way of expanding

The Dorchester Collection may not be as well known as many of its luxury hotel chain rivals to the general public, but that is exactly how the chain is hoping to retain its sense of individuality and opulent nature. The chain is one of the newest entrants into the luxury hotel brand industry after owner, […]

Why Ban Same Sex Marriage?

Take a moment and ponder your stance on same sex marriage. Now see if you can change your own mind. I would be willing to bet you can’t. Opponents of marriage equality continuously cite religious texts that claim to forbid these types of unions. They also attempt to influence folks on the fence of this […]

Burger King Announces A Wedding And A Special Guest All In One Week

Burger King is in the news for two reasons today. First, there is a couple getting married whose last names are Burger and King, literally. The couple even took an engagement photo by a local restaurant’s sign. The fast food chain seems pretty amped about the couple’s wedding and even offered them a gift. In […]

Sex Lives of Rich and Poor Women Very Much Alike

Being rich or being poor has no impact on a woman’s sex life. The economic status of the woman does effect pregnancy rates between the two income brackets, however. New research conducted by Brookings Institution show that a poor women is five times more likely to have a unplanned pregnancy and birth than a woman […]