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Bring Out Your Fun Side With Lime Crime

Makeup can be used to help you feel better or look better. For many people today like you, makeup is all about fun and exploration as well as what is new and contemporary. When you put on lipstick you can take on a new role in life in your life. You can put on eye […]

Doe Deere looks to enhance the Lime Crime brand in the future

Lime Crime is one of the most famous cosmetics brands in the world and is a reflection of the life and work of founder and CEO Doe Deere. The Russian born entrepreneur has become one of the world’s leading experts in both cosmetics and the use of the Internet as a marketing and sales tool. […]

Top 5 Lime Crime Products

Lime Crime is a brand that has a niche customer base when it comes to its makeup products. This brand offers boundary defying shades and colors to its people, particularly as a personal statement more than anything else. The brand teaches people to be unapologetic about their fashion choices. Like black lipstick? Wear it without […]

Doe Deere – Founder Of Lime Crime Makeup

Doe Deere is the founder of the Lime Crime line of beauty products. Lime Crime makeup is known for offering many different products to choose from, among many different colors. Lime Crime makeup is marketed as “makeup for unicorns” because of it’s very whimsical appearance. For those whom spend a lot of time at blacklight […]

Fans Are Going Crazy Over Kanye West’s New Shoes

Rich people can invest in businesses, and if they are famous, they’ll usually make a big profit. Kanye West’s New Shoes. There are some people who couldn’t make a buck before they became famous, and after their name became famous, they can sell anything. It seems as if Kanye West is one of those lucky […]