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GreenSky Credit reflects CEOs rational vision of value creation

Upon touring the GreenSky Credit global headquarters, one will notice things that are quite different from other billion-dollar tech companies. For example, there are no beanbag chairs, foosball tables or beer dispensers within the GreenSky Credit offices. And the layout of the building is strictly utilitarian. Absent are the large open spaces and other amenities […]

How Does Securus Help Our Family?

We have been using Securus to make sure that we can communicate with my cousin in jail, and it has been a real change in lifestyle for us. It is a long way to the jail, and we wanted to make sure that the calls we made were going to help us see his when […]

Skout’s Portia Kersten on Women in Business and the Future of Social Media

Portia Kersten, the Chief Financial Officer of social media company Skout, has had a varied career in technology-based businesses that has allowed her to digest business cultures from disparate positions of importance. This insight made her an exceptional interview subject for the Huffington Post to poke and prod about opportunities made available to women in businesses and […]

SKOUT Can Make Anyone A Superhero That Grants Wishes

  Anybody can become a Make-A-Wish® superhero in real life simply by using the SKOUT social connections smart app. The SKOUT company did an internal SKOUT members survey and found out, of those surveyed, a full 80% wished there was some way they could become a superhero. In the survey, they defined a “superhero” as […]

Securus Technologies Has Taken Big Steps To Improve Inmate Communication

Securus Technologies is the world’s leading provider of technological solutions that are aimed at correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies. Securus Technologies provides this state of the art security maintenance products that help in monitoring and investigation of inmates to promote public safety and prevent criminal acts from happening. Some of the products Securus Technologies […]