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Scott Rocklage: Revolutionizing Medicine

Dr. Scott Rocklage received his Doctorate of Philosophy in Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry from the University of California at Berkeley. He is currently the Board Chairman of Relypsa, Semprus(acquired by Teleflex), and Achaogen. He is also a member of the Board of Associates at the […]

Bruce Bent ll as a Real Trailblazer in Financial Markets

Bruce Bent ll is famously known for his ties with entrepreneurial matters. The vice chairman of Double Rock Corporation is envied for his mastery in development of modern-day short-term asset management. His inner drive in issues relating to business serves as a catalyst in his pursuits. As such, Mr. Bent has ended up being a […]

Protect and Treat Your Lips With EOS

Do you plan to be active this summer? And by active, I mean things like paddle boarding, visiting a local beach, taking the canoe out, or just simply lounging in your backyard on a gorgeous Adirondack chair and soaking in some of the sun? If so, let’s make sure your checklist is complete to protect […]

EOS Passion Fruit, Summer Fruit and Vanilla Mint Flavors

Evolution of Smooth is a company that sells natural beauty products with a focus on rejuvenating and nourishing your skin using only premium and natural ingredients. EOS specializes in lip balms, hand and body lotions and shaving cream products. These beauty products are specially formulated to be full of the vitamins and nutrients that your […]

The “Coolest” EOS Flavors to Try this Summer

Summertime is upon us. That means two very different things. First, it means: beaches, tans, curly wavy hair, relaxed outfits as you brunch with girlfriends… basically the first part is all the wonderful things about summer. Second, it means: dried hair strands from salt water or chlorine, dried feet or hands from the same and […]

Dick DeVos Changing the Lives of American Kids

Dick DeVos is a renowned businessman, politician and philanthropist from Grand Rapids, MI. He has donated to several charitable programs, especially those targeting to improve the quality of education for American learners. Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy DeVos established a foundation that channels their donations to different projects which they choose to support. Since […]

Life Line Screening; your ultimate screening company

Screening is becoming a daily dose when it comes to health matters. Day by day people are being sensitized on the importance of screening. What most people don’t realize is that apart from diagnosis, screening can be used as a prevention tool for chronic ailments. Some chronic diseases can be easily prevented while others can’t, […]

Proudly Serves The Local Dallas Community

Shape your financial future with a reliable NexBank account that offers many ways to save and invest your money, if you’re a personalized or business account holder. In order to have true financial peace you have to know that your dealing with a trusted financial institute that is properly insured. NexBank has over $40 billion […]

 Early Detection Early Prevention by Life Line Screening

Dr. Andrew Manganaro is the chief medical officer at life line screening. He graduated his master’s degree from the University of New York. This same city was his birthplace since he was born in Brooklyn. He was in the school of medicine and received honors in more than one field. He completed his general surgery […]

NuoDB Continues Impressive Growth

NuoDB is a database company that was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts back in 2008. MuoDB has already been recognized on the Gardner Magic Quadrant and its technologies are used by many prolific companies such as Dassault Systemes, Kodiak, Alfa Systems, and UAE Exchange to name a few of its biggest customers. The co-founders of this […]