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Agora Investing: Agora Financial comes in to play

In today’s day and age, many young people fear investing. They fear the stock market even though the stock market is responsible for most people’s comfortable retirement. It’s kind of contradictive when you think about it. Even if you don’t want to become an active investor in the markets, you can still have a professional […]

Dr. Dov Rand and The Silent Killers in America’s Rising Food Consumption

The world of medicine is complicated, stressful, and sometimes threatens your life. Did you remember that the death of George Washington was because of a wrong intervention by the doctor? There are millions of medical cases like that, hidden from the citizens just to increase the reputation of the doctors. The point is, doctors can […]

Nick Vertucci Writes It Down

Nick Vertucci is an experienced investor. His story is one of the most influencing accounts of moving from grass to grace, falling back and rising again with vigor to hit greater heights than ever before. Nick Vertucci has now decided to share his skills and experience in a book that he has announced he is […]

Glen Wakeman’s Business Career and Mentorship

Glen Wakeman is an executive and entrepreneur who has over two decades of experience in both leadership and innovation. Over the course of his career, Glen has been able to set himself apart by being a good mentor, having an entrepreneurial spirit and being a business revolutionary. During his career, Glen has been responsible for […]

Can OSI Group Sustain Its Productivity?

If you have a successful company/business, then you should do everything possible to sustain its success. This notion is very simple to understand, but sometimes it can be hard to achieve. If the company/business can’t sustain itself, it will surely put you in “the red.” Poor quality of work being non-efficient and making bad investments […]

Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Tempus company. Tempus is a company that is committed to solving human health problems. It has created a software that is used to screen cancer. Eric is also one of the founders of Lightbank. This firm invests in technologies specifically the disruptive ones. Eric and […]

Ara Chackerian: The Benefits of Forests Preservation

In the traditional times, the Hebrew were using several words when they were describing the wilderness. These people knew that using just one word was not enough to speak about the diversity that people can experience because of nature. People who are visionary about nature such as Ara Chackerian believe that wilderness has a crucial […]

Online Dating Visionary, Whitney Wolfe-Herd

     Tinder is a wholly owned subsidiary of Match Group, who also operates the dating website, Plenty of Fish. From the basics of the online dating game even non-users are familiar with the term, “swipe left.” Swipe left is the equivalent of “pick me,” it alerts viewers to check out a hot profile. In the […]

Profitable and Reliable Investment Advice from Ian King and Banyan Hill Publishing

Banyan Hill Publishing Senior Analyst Ian King provides a good example of how diversified and experienced Banyan financial investment experts are. As one of the rapidly growing independent financial adviser on investment, the site has over 400,000 daily readers. Ian King has over 20 years of experience both as an investment analyst and a trader. […]

The Legality and Emergence of Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali is an investment guru who made a video about “freedom checks.” When his video went viral, a lot of Americans were actually confused as to what the said checks were supposed to be. The checks he said were not at all like the other retirement accounts in the form of an IRA, the […]