With Cloudwick, data lake shortcomings are solved

In the world of business intelligence, the concept of data lakes has come to be understood as something like cold fusion: a groundbreaking technology that promises to eliminate nearly all of the limitations of legacy systems but that has not yet been proven in action.

Now, Cloudwick, one of the leading global providers of cloud-based data solutions, is changing all of that. With Cloudwick’s three stage model for migration of enterprise data from legacy systems to data lakes, the age of viable data lake and related business intelligence systems is upon us.

Cloudwick has made it possible for companies across the globe to take advantage of the increases, measuring in the orders of magnitude, of speed, cost-effectiveness and insight generation that data lakes and related technologies allow. And with its complete mastery of Apache Spark and other Hadoop ecosystem technologies, Cloudwick may be the only company in the world that can guarantee successful migration from costly legacy data storage to cloud-based alternatives.

Saving tens of millions while making even more

So, why would a business, even a small one, want to undergo the often-difficult process of moving from an in-house, physically housed legacy data storage system to a cloud-based system built on still-immature technology? To take a risk, there must be a large reward. And it turns out that the reward to enterprises of almost all stripes for successfully implementing ultra-powerful data lake and machine-learning data systems are so compelling that taking large risks to make it happen can be well justified.

But with Cloudwick, for the first time, the risks that have historically been involved in doing so are largely removed. The company has a track record of helping hundreds of the largest companies in the world to successfully migrate all of their data into the cloud. And these include some of the most complex and challenging data-migration projects that have ever been undertaken.

With its flawless record of migration and successful implementation, Cloudwick can help businesses of any size to take advantage of the powerful edges that can be had through the adoption of the lightning-fast and powerful intelligence generation of data lake and machine-learning data structures.


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