Stream Energy: Corporate Social Responsibility

Stream Energy is among America’s top-selling and connected life service firms. It provides Protective, Wireless, Energy and Home services to consumers. Since it was launched in 2005, the company has extended its services to New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Illinois, Delaware, New Jersey, Georgia, Ohio, Washington D.C., and Texas. The company has numerous associates and engages them in more than just earning a living by sharpening their skills and realizing their full potentials. Though the company’s Women of Power Organization, Stream Energy has enabled female associates to connect, grow their businesses and even realize their talents. The company is also devoted giving back to the community. Through the charity foundation Stream Cares, the company provides financial support and other donations to charities who give the supplies to people in need of such support.

In the most recent calamity, Hurricane Harvey saw Houston flood by 56 inches of rainwater which led to massive damage to lives and property. Catastrophes such as hurricanes and tornados are common, and when they happen, the people are left in devastated and helpless situations. It is in the wake of Hurricane Harvey that Stream Energy, an energy distributing company, designed a philanthropic arm – Stream Cares – to assist the victims of the hurricane. The recovery fund is an example of how Dallas companies use philanthropic aids to give back to society. Stream Energy is a pacesetter in the Corporate Social Responsibility sector where the philanthropic arm of the company is a separate body. Stream Cares strategically working with Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity to drive the local and public aid.

Stream Energy has been carrying out philanthropic courses for over a decade, but not until recently did the company launch the philanthropic arm as a separate entity. Stream Cares was established using the company’s revenues. Through the provision of reliable domestic and company energy, the company has created a connection with the company clients and offer services such as telemedicine, virtual doctors and mobile phone plans. Stream Energy acts in collaboration with company associates who are dedicated to helping in disasters such as the Hurricane Harvey and North Texas tornado victims.

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