Clayton Hutson – A Sound Engineer Extraordinaire

Clayton Hutson is well known in the world of music. He understands what musicians need to achieve. He works with them to reach a level of live music performance perfection that sets him apart from other sound engineers. He also has a reputation for being able to work from sunrise to sunset.

He attended college and majored in theatre design. Later, he found gigs with companies that provided solutions for live entertainment. These are the roles where he gained experience and prominence managing projects and working with sound. These experiences also established the groundwork for him to start his own entertainment production company. Essentially, he is a jack of all trades within the industry.

He worked for Billy Graham’s traveling unit for a long time, but eventually switched to managing rock’n’roll concerts. Clayton Hutson has a powerful love for the music industry. Thus, he dedicates a great deal of passion, energy, and time to the profession. His client resume includes Pink, Kid Rock, and Guns’n’Roses to name several.

Hutson has always loved music, and over time he perfected the skills to master all the aspects that deal with live entertainment. He also decided to start his own business when the recession tanked his employer’s business. It was a big step, but he took it in stride.

A typical day for Clayton Hutson begins early. He currently works for Kid Rock. He completely goes through each day’s schedule to make sure his crew is on top of things. Everything has to be ready for each show. Even while the show is in progress, he plans the steps to take down everything. Everyone knows their job when the show ends and the curtain closes. Clayton Hutson runs a successful business because of his reputation and attention to detail.

Clayton Hutson has raised the bar for what for what high-caliber musicians expect from their sound engineers. He has also made a name for himself with respect to planning and staging events for large companies. Getting the right equipment in place is critical for a successful event. Clayton Hutson’s clients know they can trust his judgment and rely on his experience.


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