Shiraz Boghani’s contribution in the Hotel industry and his support for charitable causes.

Shiraz Boghani is a well-known hotelier with over 30 years’ experience. He currently serves as the president of the Splendid Hospitality Group. He is a great investor in the hospitality industry where he was recognized in 2016 as the ‘Hotelier of the Year’ during the 2016 Asia Business Awards. During the 90’s he was among the pioneers who created the limited service-provision and branded hotels in London. Visit his facebook to learn more about his platforms.

As the chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group, Shiraz has a great vision for the company as he directs the expansion strategy that helps the company grow. Splendid Hospitality Group boasts of 20 trading hotels plus the Hilton London Bankside that has 292 bedrooms, and the Wembley’s Holiday Inn that has 336 bedrooms. Mr. Shiraz has a strong relationship with his community and is well known as a philanthropist. Shiraz plays an essential role in supporting various charitable establishments. Shiraz has been a part of the Ismaili community where he was crowned as a leader as well as being a participant of the national council. He also serves as the chair of the National Conciliation and Arbitration Board. He is also a spoken enthusiast of Aga Khan Foundation.

Shiraz Boghani believes that the success of Splendid Hospitality Group is as a result of the effort of the employees offering services in the company. During the 2016 Asian Business Awards, he thanked all the members of Splendid Hospitality Group, including the executive staff and the entire Splendid family. Besides being the chair of Splendid, Shiraz, who is a certified accountant, manages 19 other trading hotels that he owns across the UK.

Shiraz Boghani is well known in establishing and managing large hotels including the New Ellington hotel in Leeds and the Grand hotel and spa. Apart from serving as the president of Splendid, Shiraz Boghani is a founding partner in the company that provides creative homes and healthcare services, Sussex Health. Under the leadership of Mr. Boghani, Sussex has grown to have 18 care centers with more than 500 beds. Shiraz Boghani also serves as the Chairman of Sojourn Hotels LLP where he is also a founding partner.



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