OSI Industries: Strategies It Used To Be a Global Food Processor

The number of private food companies has continued to increase. Meat processing companies are making the American economy stronger each day. OSI Industries is among the meat processing companies doing well in the country today. The company is based in Chicago, and it was established in 1909. The American company has its main offices in Aurora Illinois. Sheldon Lavin is one of the unmatched executive leaders in this company. OSI is among the food providers you can find in America. The company is committed to supplying quality processed products like meat. The growth of this company is evident through the 65 factories it has established. Besides being in over 17 countries, OSI has managed to employ about 20,000 people to work in that company.

Some of the products OSI Industries deals with include fish, dough products, meat patties, hot dogs, pork, vegetables, poultry, pizza, and bacon. Among the many food processing companies in the United States, OSI is among the first 100. The privately-owned company appeared number 58 in 2016 according to Forbes. It’s among the largest food companies America has today with $6.1 billion net worth. The British Safety Council acknowledged the efforts of this company and awarded it a prestigious award in 2016. The global honor award indicated the company is a force in the food processing industry.

The award giving ceremony was done in London at Drapers Hall. The firm qualified for this special award for its exceptional skills in risk management and environmental consciousness. Other 18 companies were also awarded the same time for their commitment to keeping the environment safe despite their numerous business activities. Any company carrying out its business activities without destroying the environment attracts a prestigious award. OSI Industries also received another award in 2013 for its tremendous performance and another one in 2015.

Many people across the world have come to appreciate the OSI products. This has helped the company to increase its production and double the sale of chicken products. The facility the company has in Toledo Spain has assisted it to make such tremendous growth. The company used to produce twelve thousand tons each year. Nevertheless, the company today produces about twenty-four tons a year. Although the company has 140 job categories, it intends to add 20 more to continue producing quality products. OSI Industries is expanding to meet the evolving numerous needs of its customers. The company has bought another processing plant facility Tyson Foods owned in Chicago.

About OSI Industries: gazetteday.com/2018/04/century-innovation-osi-group/


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