Michael Hagele; an entrepreneur and an investor

Michael Hagele is an investor in early-stage technology companies. He is a founder and an investor in many other organizations like the hospitality and hotel industries. He serves as a general advisor for a group of technology industries. These industries are; internet, defense, aerospace, and biotechnology. He is very experienced in negotiating, licensing, drafting and closing deals in international and domestic telecom areas. Michael Hagele has also worked in commercial deals since they relate to technology firms, property right issues and other companies’ day in day out transactions. Read more about Michael on Crunchbase

Michael Hagele pursued his bachelor degree in Business Administration from the University of Iowa. He also did a degree in law at the University of California. Before becoming an investor, he worked as general advisor for several venture capitals backed internet companies. Here, he managed all legal affairs which include employment problems, property purchases, sales and analysis of intellectual property rights portfolios, merger and acquisition activities among others. He has also worked for Fenwick & West companies. He worked under Licensing and Online Commerce Group.

As an independent attorney and an employee in several firms, Michael realized that small practices would serve clients better. It makes it easier to offer inexpensive and high-quality legal services to clients. His day to day activities is handling general matters and intellectual property issues, counseling, working on contracts for technology licensing deals. During his afternoon bike rides, he develops ideas or sometimes figures how to solve the company’s problems. He also gets to have a conference with his foreign investment partners to talk about strategies.

Social media is what fueled his practice’s growth. He advises that it is essential for business growth. The platform helped him connect with his clients in a more personal way. Open dialogue most importantly helps promote services and products. Michael Hagele puts his clients first. This is paramount as an entrepreneur. His favorite trend is artificial intelligence and its’ variety of applications such genetic programming. He says that machine learning is useful in the century since it gives the possibility of discovering new things and clarifying unproven concepts of a program’s impact. Hagele recommends physical exercises for entrepreneurs’ development since it sharpens the mind and recharges the body.

Connect: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-hagele-783295/


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