Big Jim Larkin Was a Hero for Irish People

Since Jim Larkin came in and was a wrecker for the unions, he knew he could help other people with the issues they faced in employment. He didn’t want to have to compete with scabs, but he knew he had a lot of chances to make things better for everyone. He also knew things would keep changing for people who wanted to get things done in the union.

Jim Larkin made a point of coming up with new ideas so he could help people succeed in different positions. It was his goal to create a positive employment opportunity for all the people he worked with. No matter how hard he had to try to give back to the community, he felt there were things that would make his life easier while he continued helping people see the positive interactions they could experience in the workplace. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

Even though most companies would take years to adapt to what he wanted them to do, Jim Larkin still brought a lot of change for the unions. He wanted to show people they could get more from their jobs and they could have a positive experience no matter how hard they had to work.

It made sense for him to continue helping people with all the issues they were dealing with. Based on his experience with the union, Jim Larkin felt things would continue changing for people who needed to try different things. Read more: The Definite Biography of Big Jim Larkin – Irish Examiner and James Larkin | Wikipedia

As long as Jim Larkin knew how to help people, he could continue making the union options better. He had a lot of hope for what he was doing in the future and that’s how he pushed to make things better.

Jim Larkin believed the union would be the change that workers needed. Even though it didn’t happen right away, Jim Larkin’s influence on the community had a huge impact.

It made things better for him and also made it easier so he could try to give people all the things they needed to do. Since he spent his time doing this, it made sense for him to continue helping people with these things.

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