Alex Hern and Communications Pathways

Alexander F. Hern is the name of a famed executive who is associated with a company that’s known as Tsunami VR. He created Tsunami VR, Inc. He even works as its President right now. People regularly refer to him just as “Alex.” Hern isn’t solely involved with Tsunami VR. He’s also the person who brought Strategic Acquisition Ventures, Ltd. to life. Hern is connected to various other groups. Several examples of these organizations are Silicon Valley Internet Capital, AppDirect Canada, Inc., UMF Group Inc., Yesmail, Inc. and New Homes Realty, Inc. Visit to know more.

Mobile Work and Mobile Incorporated are two other entities that are part of Alex Hern’s life at the moment. He functions as the Chairman for both of these groups. This entrepreneur has a track record that spans more than 15 years at this point. He concentrates on technology firms that are on the rise. He was an Inktomi board member for some time in the past. Yahoo! purchased Inktomi after that. Hern was a Yesmail co-founder, too. He was even a big part of its illustrious board for a while.


Tsunami VR is a full-service business that supplies people with communications pathways of all kinds. It strives to change the ways in which human beings operate. It accommodates businesses that have international missions. This company accommodates the requirements of businesses that are part of many diverse fields. Some of these fields are construction, defense, life sciences, aerospace, medical care, industrial equipment, manufacturing, automotive and energy. The professionals who work alongside Hern at Tsunami VR have a lot of knowledge that relates to 3D simulation and animation. Tsunami VR gives people many choices in products. These products in many cases are suitable for devices of all varieties as well. Hern currently lives in the bright and lively San Diego, California area. Learn more about Alex Hern at Bloomberg.

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