How End Citizens United Supports Political Candidates

The 2018 midterm elections are about to take place. End Citizens United (ECU) continues to certify aspirants who have shown their support of campaign finance reforms. The movement was launched in 2015 to respond to 2010 Citizens United vs. FEC Supreme Court verdict. ECU aims at overturning the decision. It uses various activities to support campaign finance reforms. The organization supports political candidates with a clean record like rejecting the dark money.

ECU Supporting Pro-Reform Candidates

Candidates who refuse to align with corporations and big money experience unfair treatment over those using it. End Citizens United seeks to provide a leveled playing field for the contestants. It raises money through grassroots efforts to support pro-reform individuals. The beneficiaries get connected to ECU members and over 400,000 national donors.

2018 ECU Endorsements

End Citizens United is open to anyone concerned about the influence of dark money on the US politics. The movement has endorsed hopes and incumbents to enable them to retain respective seats in 2018 midterm elections. It has also recognized some candidates to challenge the Republican incumbents in various districts. The individuals include the following:

Beto O’Rourke is the only person in the House who refused PAC contributions. He has represented Texas’s 16th Congressional District for around six years and is going to unseat Senator Ted Cruz. Special interests and big money have owned Cruz.

Randy Bryce has been trying to unseat Paul Ryan until mid-April. Ryan is the House Speaker and Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District senator. Paul Ryan will not contest with Bryce as he will retire from politics. Randy Bryce will receive support from End Citizens United to face his opponent in November.

Jacky Rosen was elected as Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District Representative in 2016. Rosen wants to be voted to the Senate in the coming elections. The candidate has taken part in cosponsoring the DISCLOSE Act of 2017 to increase transparency in administrative activities.

Elissa Slotkin worked as a CIA agent and is vying for Michigan’s 8th Congressional District position to replace Mike Bishop. Bishop is a beneficiary of big money. Elissa has End Citizens United support, and it is hoped that she will win.

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