Financially Out of Shape? Obtain Financial Fitness with Infinity Group Australia

In this day and age, financial issues plague many people. One of the most common reasons for this is the amount of money due to debt and poor planning. Financial fitness is important to most and it is about knowing and understanding how to manage your money. Cleaning credit and getting your finances in order can be time consuming and and the methods are unknown to most. Infinity Group Australia is a company who specializes in helping Australian residents reduce debt and can serve as a long term financial coach. They also specialize in wealth creation and retirement solutions. They offer a personalized service for managing savings and investments. Debt reduction includes canceling, slowing, or stopping of debt owed. Wealth creation includes investing which includes property investing, being a popular method. Retirement solutions is determining how much money you will need during retirement and planning towards those specific goals.


There are many satisfied clients with the group. One of the Infinity Group Australian Reviews, according to Andrew and Karene Shepherd, “An expert told us that we were not in a position to buy an investment property. Since joining Infinity we have four and own our own home.”, show how that they have helped a number of people to turn their financial situation around. Another one of the Infinity Group Australia Reviews from Douglas and Letetia Geary states, “Through their support and advice, Infinity Group enabled us to achieve the financial freedom we want in our retirement.” In the past 12 months Infinity Group Austrialia have reduced clients’ mortgages by $6.3M taking a total of over 3,376 off their clients’ mortgages. The average debt eliminated per client within 12 months is $41K.



They have a team of strategists, consultants, and bankers dedicated to make a difference in the financial lives of individuals and families. They offer a quick five minute test to determine where you are in your financial health. Infinity Group Australia has been the recipient of numerous awards including Vow Financial Altitude Awards in 2016 and a finalist in the Optus My Business Awards for Customer Service Experience of the Year for 2017. Infinity Group Australia covers the Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne communities, and was founded in 2012. Their motto is, “Infinity, Changing lives financially.”

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