Contactless Payment System of PSI-Pay

The establishment of contactless payment has brought a lot as far as the banking world is concerned. Transactions have been made easy as customers transact anytime via cards and mobile phones without having to sign any document. Contactless payment is the easiest and fastest means of transacting in a world where pay stores increase by the day.

A contactless form of payment has led to the use of SmartCards, debit, and credit as a means of payment for goods and services; PSI-Pay Company has developed this kind of system. This system was successfully developed by two companies which came together to combine their endeavors, thus create the contactless payment card and ring in the market.

For a transaction to be made using contactless payment, the customer just inserts his/her card or the ring to the terminal. However, this process has some limits in order to protect clients from any illegal payment. On the other hand, the transaction amount varies from one bank to another.

Being the leading form of contactless payment, PSI-Pay has been providing good services to both international and local markets since 2007. The company renders its services on the policy of transparency, clarity, and efficiency. In 2009, the company was registered as a member of MasterCard, this move paved way for the company to issue cards, contactless pay and prepaid card to individual and organizations across the world.

The company has, therefore, been able to provide MasterCard services to customers; it is currently seeking to encourage its members to put more effort in the fast-growing banking field. This can be achieved by regulating the activities of their members, for example; distribution, contactless payment programs, sales and marketing, and also quality protection.


pic5In 2015, PSI-Pay Company announced the year as their best ever since establishment. It is now a complete company according to its modern strategy and great supplier relationships. In addition, the company has invested more in its technological powers with an urge of increasing security.

PSI-Pay believes that countless payment system is a sign of a better future. Others organizations have developed an agreement that contactless payment is the best. The use of payment cards and rings has made cash payment easier as customers can no longer walk around with cash in hand. Indeed, contactless payment has brought a lot of changes to individuals globally.

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