See How NGP VAN Has Become a Massive Campaign Tool Today

Winning any political seat is never a game of the fainthearted. The aspirant has to develop some effective and smart campaign strategies. Unlike today where politics are done using some easier and swift methods, they required a lot of time, resources, and workforce in the early days. Without the grassroots efforts, organizing any political campaign wasn’t an easy thing. The aspirants could travel long distances and talk to the electorates one-on-one in the 1950s. If you didn’t do this, rallying votes in your basket was a hard thing. Today, national campaigns are smooth and easier to organize and manage using reputable campaign companies such as NGP VAN.


Such a technology firm helps the aspirants or politicians to know if their campaign strategies would yield the expected results. Any aspirant interested in accessing the potential voter database would have to contact this company. The company also advises the politicians on the best political tools to use to win the contested seats. Many politicians today admit that gathering voters and charging them to come out in innumerable numbers on the election date is not possible without technology. Most of the politicians who have approached NGP VAN for help during campaigns know the company uses analytics and data to help them garner votes.


Barack Obama used the NGP VAN in 2008 as a platform for his presidential campaigns. As though that wasn’t enough, Obama also used the same company in 2012 during his reelection campaigns. He used the platform to make his voters know where the next meeting would be held, and how the canvassing would be handled. Obama had a special mobile app he needed to launch his campaigns, and he allowed this company to launch it. Mitt Romney, Obama’s opponent at that time, found this strategy a stark comparison. He couldn’t understand how technology could garner votes for him and win, as Obama knew.


Obama campaigns would not have yielded much if he didn’t use NGP VAN as his critical technological tool. The company helped the Democrats to get to their voter base and revitalize their voters. It also helped the voters know who the right candidate was, and why they needed to rise early and vote them in. Politicians who don’t underestimate the impact of technology in their political campaigns always have a safer landing after a dusty political moment.

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