Fortress Investment Group Principal and CEO Peter Briger

Peter Briger is a leading executive in the financial services industry. He has spent over two decades working for two of the most successful financial services firms in the world. Briger has held a number of important positions such as chief executive officer, principal, and partner during the course of his career. While working at top firms such as Goldman Sachs, he was in charge of managing its expansion to the Asian markets. As a member of Fortress Investment Group, Peter has spent a number of years overseeing the private equity and credit investment departments. As well as being a top executive in the financial services industry, Peter has been quite involved in his community. He has spent time providing investment advice for a club as well as making contributions to community sites.

Briger graduated from one of the top business schools with a Master’s degree in business administration from the University of Pennsylvania.During the 1990’s Peter Briger attained the position of partner of Goldman Sachs. This position enabled him to provide the overall strategy and management of the firm. He spent 15 years working at Goldman Sachs where he would help manage and oversee its activity in the Asian markets. Briger managed a number of committees that would help the firm and its clients make sound investment decisions on a regular basis. With his leadership and expertise, Goldman Sachs was able to easily complete its expansion and business interests in this very important region of the world and in the financial markets.

After working for Goldman Sachs for almost two decades, Peter Briger would move on to begin working at a new start up firm. The firm was known as Fortress Investment Group which specializes in asset based investing and private equity. When he began working at this firm, Peter would serve a leadership role and become part of the firm’s management committee. Within a few years, he would also become the chief executive officer and principal of the firm. At these positions, Peter would continue to provide management of the firm, oversight of the credit departments and also help provide the overall business strategy of the firm.In his spare time outside of finance, Peter Briger has been part of an investment club of Princeton University. Peter has also been involved in a number of philanthropic activities such as helping with the preservation of Central Park. Briger has made some contributions in San Francisco as well. He has provided donations for housing in the city for its lower income residents.

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