Ryan Seacrest Explains Why He Stays So Busy

Not too long ago Ryan Seacrest, 43, moved from Los Angeles to New York City, a transition he is still adjusting to. The move was needed so that he could begin hosting “Live with Kelly and Ryan” each weekday morning. He is also a tv producer who came up with Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, hosts “American Idol”, and has developed his own line of clothing as well as a men’s skincare line. Additionally, he hosts “On Air with Ryan” which is a daily radio program. So, how does he keep up with all of this?
Ryan Seacrest says that he gets up at about 6:00 am each morning. He says he quickly takes a shower, shaves, moisturizes his face, checks the forecast, and then gets appropriately dressed for the weather. He has a general uniform, though, which consists of some sweatpants, t-shirt, a zip-up hoodie, and a pair of Uggs. He says he then drinks a matcha tea and then a cup of coffee. He also makes working out a part of his daily routine. He says he used to not tell people he would work out during business hours but he doesn’t care about that anymore.
Right after “Live with Kelly and Ryan” wraps up Ryan Seacrest races to another part of the ABC building in order to do “On Air with Ryan“. It’s after getting through these two morning shows that he can address other, more long-term, things. He can attend to Ryan Seacrest Distinction, his fashion line, as well as Polish which is his line of skincare products. Every Sunday he jets back to Los Angeles to do “American Idol” and after that wraps up for the evening he catches a flight back to New York City.
As for why he stays so busy, Ryan Seacrest says it is mostly about being able to eat well and drink good wine. He is generally a vegan and he says he considers himself a foodie. If he couldn’t enjoy food and wine he says he really wouldn’t be enjoying his life at all. His favorite meals are on Fridays or Saturdays when he can sit down a two-hour meal and enjoy it.

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