Tallahassee’s Own Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, Emergency Room Physician On Duty.

When you are in need of immediate medical care, emergency room physicians are there to help you. Tallahassee, Florida’s Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is one of those first line providers. Licensed and board-certified, Dr. Forsthoefel specializes in emergency medicine which is also refered to as accident medicine.

Eric Forsthoefel pursued his education at the University of Louisville School of Medicine located in Kentucky. That’s where he received his medical degree. Also, Dr. Forsthoefel was a medical resident in the city of Baton Rouge at Louisiana State University. Today, the doctor has over six years of medical experience as a practicing emergency room physician. Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare is where you can find Dr. Forsthoefel these days, working alongside of 25 other accident medicine specialist.

Emergency medicine deals with treating unscheduled patients who need immediate medical attention. For example, car accident victims such as myself initially wind up in hospital emergency rooms where doctors like Forsthoefel are trained to diagnose and treat the acute trauma. These physicians treat illnesses like burns, strokes and poisoning to name a few. ER doctors have many responsibilities. For instance, when a patient needs resuscitating and stabilizing, physicians like Forsthoefel provide on the spot medical treatment. Those in emergency or accident medicine may work together with other specialist to arrange hospital admissions as well as the discharge of patients.

Not all ER physicians work in emergency departments. They can also be found in intensive care units and pre hospital locations. Urgent Care facilities are another place you may find an emergency medicine doctor, working in primary care. If you find yourself at Tallahassee Memorial Health Care’s emergency department, you may see Dr. Eric Forsthoefel on duty. For those in the Tallahassee area, you can contact the doctor’s office at the Bixler Emergency Center if you have any medical questions.


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