Dr. Dov Rand and The Silent Killers in America’s Rising Food Consumption

The world of medicine is complicated, stressful, and sometimes threatens your life. Did you remember that the death of George Washington was because of a wrong intervention by the doctor? There are millions of medical cases like that, hidden from the citizens just to increase the reputation of the doctors. The point is, doctors can be prone to malicious intent, too. They can have vested interests, and their monthly mortgage payments could put their diagnosis contaminated with bias. While this may be the case, this is not what people seem to experience with Dr. Dov Rand, the Hormone Specialist working at the West Orange NJ Bioidentical Center.



The Abundance and Hidden Risks of America’s Food

There are silent killers in America. We might be thinking that it’s terrorism that’s killing us. We might be thinking that it’s antisemitism that’s causing us trouble and danger. But no. The real risks and uncertainties we highly experience are hiding in plain sight. This is found in our food. The more America eats, the more prone that food becomes a cause of obesity, its threats, the volatile damage that can dampen the morale of the nation, and most importantly, food can come with deadly costs. Fortunately, we have people like Dr. Dov Rand who, according to Release Fact, is passionate in addressing the problem and implementing national policies to make sure that people don’t overeat without hindering their freedom.

Dr. Dov Rand is well-known for helping people live healthily and achieve their weight loss goals. His natural medical instincts are in line with making people live more isolated from the hidden risks of the processed food industry that we’re in today, including the ones involving GMO products. Dr. Dov Rand’s experience in the wellness field makes him the expert in helping people make sure they don’t go overboard with their food diet. Not only is it a part of his job to deliver quality solutions for people’s weight goals, but he also addresses their aging problems using nutrition therapy and other organic ways that people’s natural health can deal with its medical issues. Some of the solutions he offers to his clients include knowledge dissemination about the right eating habits and getting their natural metabolism to work well again.



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