OSI Group Acquires Several New Plants

OSI Group has a positive reputation as a supplier of quality foods globally. They are an American independent food provider that produce and distribute custom made foods to the world. Recently, they closed a deal to buy the former Tyson food plant, which is located in Chicago, Illinois. Tyson foods shut down plant operations and over 480 jobs were lost. Still, there were 250 employees working out of the plant. The OSI Group offered those employees a position with the new company. Spokesmen for the orgniztion Group state that the plant gives them the opportunity to expand their reach.

Other Acquisitions

Certainly, the OSI Group is on the move. They also acquired another business, Baho Food. Baho Foods is a Dutch company that produces snacks, convenience foods, deli foods, for the service food and the retail market. David G. McDonald, is the president and CEO of the organization. In an interview he stated that the acquisition of Baho Food gives the organization a great opportunity to expand their business into the European market. The acquisition of Baho foods also provides the company with the opportunity to serve more customers. Baho Food has operations in the Netherlands, Germany, and several other locations.

The Organization Is Expanding Their Reach Globally

The OSI Group is definitely expanding their reach to an even larger global market. Recently, news was released that the organization increased its production of chicken products in Spain. In Spain the company is known for producing a high quality line of food. The expansions were made in the Toledo, Spain plant. The expansion included numerous improvements that led to doubling the amount of the production. Included in the improvements are a new Production Manager position and a new test kitchen designed to help in improving and developing new products for the organization.

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