Grassroots Political Organizing – Getting the Word Out

One of the hardest things to do during campaigning is going door to door. With countless maps and other organizational tools need; preparation is a chore. But now a newly created software, Distributed Canvassing, has made “Cutting Turf,” as it’s called a lot easier. This innovative software has changed how volunteer’s and staff conduct campaigning to the masses.

This D.C. based software company, NGP VAN, now provides campaigners with organizing software to make their campaign offices workflows better. The new software is called Distributed Canvassing, a cutting edge tool that simplifies Field Organizer’s and Volunteer’s/Staffer’s strategies in reaching the voting masses. It has been used in recent Presidential Campaigns from 2008 – 2016.

Currently, volunteer’s and staffer’s have a rigorous seven step process to endure before spending hours campaigning. The following are the steps used prior to Distributed Canvassing:

  • Contact Field Organizer


  • Schedule Time to Appear in Campaign Office



  • Volunteer/Staffer Checks the List of Voters


  • Volunteer/Staffer Canvass and Contact Voters


  • Recheck the List in the Campaign Office


  • Field Organizer Inserts Data into the System


Now with Distributed Canvassing, the workflow is much easier and less time consuming. The only steps required are the following:


  • Create a Script Showing How Many Voters You Want to Reach


  • The System Creates a List Number and Cuts the Turf Based on volunteer’s/staffer’s


  • Lastly, Distribute the List Amongst Volunteer’s/Staffer’s


As you can see the process is shorter and less time consuming for the Field Organizer, volunteer’s, and staffer’s. By eliminating wasted time the campaign office can now focus more on reaching voters more efficiently. This tool is just in Beta testing, but it is surely to continue to grow in usage in many campaigns to come.

Read more about NGP VAN’s integrated software platform:

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