Jeunesse Global continues creating in-demand products with Nevo energy drink

When health and beauty entrepreneurs Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis founded Jeunesse Global in 2009, the couple only intended it to be a way to make a little extra money while helping some of their friends from around the world succeed with their own direct-marketing businesses.

It didn’t take long, however, for things to spin into a frenzied virtuous cycle. Within the first year of the company’s operation, Jeunesse Global had sold nearly $1 million worth of products. Within its first three years, the company had already begun developing its own products. Using Lewis’ extensive market research skills, Jeunesse was able to quickly identify market niches that had gone largely unanswered by the big health and beauty companies. Coupled with Ray’s ability to recruit and sell the Jeunesse Global business plan to a new generation of entrepreneurs, the business was able to grow exponentially, a situation that continues to the present.

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis had founded Jeunesse at a time when they were mostly retired. But this was no ordinary pair of retirees. Both Ray and Lewis had spent their entire careers building dozens of successful businesses in the health and beauty industry as well as in direct marketing. Using their vast experience, they were able to quickly leverage their industry contacts and know-how to build their most successful company yet.

Although the Jeunesse Global business plan is one of the best opportunities in direct marketing today, helping tens of thousands of independent business owners meet their financial goals across the planet, the company’s real secret lies in its products.

One of the firm’s innovate additions to the health and beauty industry has been Juenesse’s Nevo energy drink. Made with all-natural ingredients, Nevo is one of the only energy drinks currently available that contains 100 percent real tropical fruit juice. This gives the drink a natural flavor that users describe as being far more refreshing and authentic than any other energy drink they’ve tried.

But Nevo’s 100 percent natural approach doesn’t mean it sacrifices on delivering a wallop of pure energy. On the contrary, the drink produces less of a crash and a more sustained energy boost than other leading brands.

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