Matt Badiali’s Impressive Resume As An Investor In Natural Resources

Matt Badiali is an individual who has an impressive background. He is the type of person that will never settle for second best. Because he is a 20-year veteran of the natural resource investment industry, he has many writings and nuggets of practical advice for investors to follow. This would include is excellent writings on Medium. Visit the website to learn more.

One of his most notable Medium articles would be “Buy Gold Mines Right Now”, which outlines how he thinks the time is now to invest in various gold mines throughout the world. When he wrote this article and January, gold was sitting at $1,050 per ounce. At this price, nearly all gold mines are not able to sustain it. What this did was drive out the smaller mines and cause the larger ones to economize right down to the bare bones. Because of this, the price of gold is slated to only rise in the future.

Another Medium article that Matt Badiali posted was entitled,”How To Make Huge Gains In Natural Resources”, which was a piece where Badiali details how back in 2016 he was turned in to investing a new metal called zinc. One of the thing he realized after some time was that mines have a tendency to cut supply when they come out of a bear market. That is exactly what they did. Needless to say, Matt recommended to his readers at the time to invest in this metal. Those that did are now sitting on a humongous 80% gain right now. Learn more about Matt Badiali at Crunbchbase.

There’s no question Matt Badiali has a unique approach to investing in natural resources. One of his main strategies is to go throughout the world to wherever the mines and question might be. Simply stated, his original training as a geologist compels him to go. You see, Matt Badiali has a keen desire to see just how effective the drillers at the mining site are. He wants to see how the mining operation is managed, how the tools are maintained, and how the mine is managed from a business perspective. This is one of the main reasons why investors that take Matt Badiali’s advice often see significant gains in their portfolio. They realize Matt has the experience to leave no stone unturned in advising the best investments for them.


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