Nick Vertucci on growing in the real estate sector.

Nick Vertucci is one of the leading agents in real estate in America today. He has been able to accomplish so much in the industry that he has become an envy of his peers. This is because he was able to weather all kind of storms that hit the real estate industry since he joined it in early 2000.His venture into the industry was one that was not pre -planned but one that he found through a friend.

After the 2000 tech bubble went burst, he had been an investor in the industry its collapse would see him lose a generous sum of money for something that as beyond his control. It was during one of this after weekends that he went to a real estate seminar this would be an eye opener like no other in fact by his own admission he had just found his calling.

He went into the research of all that he could find on real estate this involved a lot of reading and internalize every bit of information that Nick Vertucci could lay his hands on this continued throughout his initial years of the entry to the market, and sure enough, this started paying off. When the 2007 crash came, it tested the resilience of every agent out there as it was primarily a mortgage crisis not many people were buying houses and agents were left holding prime pieces of real estate that they could not sell.

But Nick Vertucci had been ready for this eventuality, and although there was a severe downturn, he still was able to keep doing what he knew best. After the crisis was over most people realized just how solid Nick Vertucci’s strategy was and with it came a keen interest for him to teach others his approach. In 2011 he opened Nick Vertucci real estate academy where he would be able to offer training to not only aspiring agents but also those that were first timers in the industry. Nick vertucci has continued to train and inspire his students who are now proving themselves in the industry already by being some of the best agents within there respective organizations or as independent agents.

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