Whitney Wolfe Responsible for the Massive Growth of Bumble in the Last Couple of Years

Whitney Wolfe is believed to be one of the smartest and the youngest female entrepreneurs in the world today. As the co-founder of Tinder and Bumble, Whitney Wolfe has found considerable success in the dating business. Her experience while working at Tinder has helped her develop Bumble, which is a dating app that might look similar to Tinder in ways more than one, but is nothing like it regarding features and concept.


First of all, in Bumble, the female members are only allowed to start a chat with male members and not the other way around. It means that male members cannot message women members, and it might be upsetting for many male members out there, but with time, people have started to accept why the company made such a move. Whitney Wolfe said that more and more women were coming forward with their experience of how they were abused and bullied online on dating site, and it is what Whitney Wolfe aimed to stop with Bumble. Even with such a feature, Bumble has managed to become one of the top five dating apps in the market today and has more than 25 million members currently.


Whitney Wolfe, however, is not planning to stop anytime soon and is using her business and creative skills to the fullest to help Bumble grow and expand in its niche beyond belief. The company launched Bumble BFF last year, which is a feature inside of Bumble that would help the members to interact with strangers, meet new people, and eventually end up making lifelong friends. The lifestyle of the people has become too monotonous and hectic, and there is a need for a social release. It is what Bumble BFF would help with. People would be able to make friends with ease on Bumble BFF, and there are very few such apps out there that would help members do that with such ease.


Bumble Bizz is another excellent addition to Bumble, which many people feel is going to give Linkedin a tough time in the time ahead. Bumble Bizz is a professional networking platform where members can upload their skills, resume, and work samples, and connect with others members who are from the same field. Linkedin has an extensive base and is very formal, and thus, can be very formal. However, Bumble Bizz is very easy to use and has a casual approach, which many of the members are finding very attractive and welcoming.




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