Adam Milstein Speaks about Anti-Semitism

Over the past few years, Adam Milstein has been on the forefront when it comes to fighting for the rights of the Jewish community both in the USA and Israeli. Besides, Adam has supported the strengthening of the U.S.-Israeli relationships. Often, Adam publishes articles at Jewish News Syndicate (JNS) pointing out the issues affecting the Jewish community. Learn more at Crunchbase about Adam Milstein.

In early February, Milstein wrote an article highlighting the rate of anti-Semitism. Over the past few decades, disliking the Jewish community has been there on the radical right. However, from the article, Adam Milstein insists that in the recent past, the brutal act has been spreading on the far left. Adam continues to state that the radical Muslim movements have also joined the trend. According to Adam, although the three groups have different traditions, they consistently share ideas and tactics to spread hate to the Jewish people.

Recently, North America has joined Europe to watch radical Muslims create a strong bond with the radical leftists. We all know that the liberal Muslims practice inhuman acts such as; executing gays, stone women among many other acts. However, according to Adam, the far left doesn’t seem to be bothered by the radical Muslim’s ideologies since they both hate the Westerns.

According to Adam, the radical left view Israel as a colonialist oppressor, an all-powerful group that targets the Muslims. Currently, the alliance is epitomized by individuals such as Linda Sarsour, a political activist. She is renowned for organizing Women’s March in D.C. Linda admires the despicable hatred for women and praises Saudi Arabia for the way they treat women. However, Linda is held up on the left as a role model.

The hate for the Jewish people has been witnessed in colleges. Not long ago, students at Tufts University attacked the school’s rabbi. In Chicago, anti-Semitism has also been spreading. Sometime back, three people were expelled for having stars of David on their flag. Also, cases of Jews being mocked for participating in events have been rising in the streets of Chicago.

The history between the radical leftists and Islamic radicals dates back in the 1970s, the leftists and Islamists supported Ayatollah Khomeini to overthrow the Shah in Iran.


According to Adam Milstein, most of the Jewish people fled Iran during the Iranian revolution on sensing the radical leftist’s anti-Semitism. What scares Adam more is the fact that anti-Semitism is slowly entering the mainstream. For example, Vermont Bernie Sanders campaigned for Jeremy Corbyn a renowned anti-Semite who is known to be associated with Paul Eisen. Before, Sanders would never campaign for a racist, or sexist but did the campaign for Jeremy since the leftists support anti-Semitism.

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Adam Milstein is a renowned and respected author at Jews News Syndicate (JNS) where he publishes various articles addressing the multiple issues that affect the Jewish people. Adam is the co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation which strongly supports multiple organizations aiming at strengthening the Jewish people. Follow Adam Milstein on Linkedin.

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