The Benefits for a Small Nation

Israel as a country has faced many obstacles in its short yet chaotic history. The country was first formed after the end of World War II by members of scattered Jewish communities seeking an answer to the end of such a miserable period. At first, there was much rejoicing, but then Israel was attacked from all sides by their Islamic neighbors during the events of the Six-Days War. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

While Israel was able to defeat their adversaries they have never really had a good standing position diplomatically since. In order to try and broaden the horizons of this small Middle Eastern nation individuals such as Daniel Taub, a formidable and skilled ambassador, has decided to travel the world in order to spread the good news of his nation and to create more beneficial packages for them to enjoy and prosper from.

Daniel Taub has been stationed in the United Kingdom since 2011, and during his time posted there has made a number of incredible deals with members of Parliament. One deal, that seems to overshadow the rest, is the doubling of international trade between the UK and the state of Israel.

Not only are Israeli businesses able to build storefronts and sell wears in the United Kingdom, but can even potentially use their position there as a base for expansion into other Western European markets and even, if they are able to play their cards right, into the many member countries of the European Union. Such a deal must look incredible on a resume, but Daniel Taub is less concerned about his personal level of prestige and more concerned about the standing of his homeland.

Daniel Taub has dedicated his life through his passion for his country and for his faith in his God to his work. Diplomacy is a touchy and difficult to perform duty, but one that Taub is able to do with finesse. Having performed all actions he deemed as necessary in the UK Taub has decided to resign from his post and return home to work on further developments there.

There is a great deal of work to be done with the Islamic states that Israel shares land with, and without positive results, through talks and negotiations not much can be expected in the case of change. Two nations have already listened to Taub; Jordan and Egypt, and are beginning to see the light of the future.

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