Michel Terpins – He who was born to race.

Whenever the T-rex #322 takes to the road, there is a sense of excitement among rally fans in Brazil. The #322 is the car of choice for Michel terpins on of the elite rally drivers in Brazil. Michel has been engaged as a rally driver for more than a decade now and for a man in his forty’s he only seems to get better and better with each new edition of the Sertoes rally. The man who is a member of the Bull Sertões Rally Team has been able to win several stages in every edition of the sertoes rally edition that he has taken in now headed for the 26th edition. The Bull Sertões Rally Team was born from the imagination of he and his brother when he first crossed over from cross country into rallying. The brother Rodrigo Terpins is an equally qualified and robust driver known for his #326 T-Rex. They both compete in the T1 prototype category, and despite driving different cars there, results have always pitted them against each other in most cases completing races back to back. Michel Terpins who is a former Cross-country champion was elected in 2015 to chair the team that oversaw the cross country championship, and as an elected member he was able to oversee a lot of transformation in how the affairs of that committee were conducted. The changes that he initiated having been a competitor himself enabled them to get more sponsors as well as draw more competitors to a sport that at some point had seemed to stagnate. This responsibility would not, however, distract him from the Brazilian rally circuit, for him it was important that both went hand in hand and by so doing he would set a good example of the ability to handle leadership and sport. The T-Rex which is his car of choice has been awarded the carbon-free sticker this is an initiative between the Sertoes rally teams and The green initiative a group tasked with encouraging drivers to be aware of the effects that rallying may have on the environment. The initiative plants trees on behalf of the drivers as a representation of the amount of carbon produced by each car for each circuit.

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