Women Empowerment Inspired By Susan McGalla

For many years, women have been denied the chance to showcase their ability in leading conglomerates. The high positions in the businesses are considered only fit for men. However, over the years women have shown high competence in executing roles in this posts. Susan McGalla is among the women who have decided to break the rules and shine in business.

Susan McGalla has worked with multiple companies that have enhanced her skills in investment ventures. She has served the American Eagle Outfitters Inc., as their President as well as Wet Seal Inc., where she served as the Chief Executive Officer.

Susan McGalla is renowned for her excellent skills to help businesses identify their niche and guide them to achieve their set goals. She is a motivational icon and role model among women whose desire is to get a chance in the high ranking positions in their corporations. Through her success in the leadership positions, she has leveled the working environment for both genders. It is worthwhile to note that everything Susan McGalla has acquired was through her determination and effort.

She left a legacy in the American Eagle Outfitters for leading the company to achieve its goals. The level of confidence she exhibits in the workplace is not that of an ordinary woman. This attribute helps her solve the challenges that come along her way.

Susan McGalla is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting. Susan McGalla has launched campaigns that advocate for women empowerment. Through the network for women that she has created, the women can share ideas. It also fosters unity among them, which enhances the spirit of supporting each other. Despite McGalla’s effort to support women, none of them has had the kind of resilience she got.

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