End Citizens United Backs Democrat Candidate Lamb

In Pennsylvania’s southwestern corner, a man named Lamb is running for office, and hoping to score a victory for Democrats in the March 13, 2018 special election. Lamb competes against Rick Saccone. Tim Murphy recently held the Republican seat and resigned after news leaked that he asked a woman, who he had an affair with, to have an abortion.

Since Trump became president, Democrats have racked up a string of victories gaining 34 state legislative seats, and a Senate seat. As it stands, Trump travels to the area to help with fund raising efforts to aid the Republican candidate. Gerrymandering favors the GOP candidate, but anything can happen if enough people get out to vote.

Democrat Lamb is 33 years old, and is an impressive candidate with a strong biography for such a young age. He has the right pedigree to excite his base. The Republican candidate has challenges for being at odds with district labor unions. This could give Lamb an edge.

Lamb has also received backing by a powerful group: End Citizens United. The group’s mission is to fight back against special interest groups that try to buy and influence elections and political processes in America. The Supreme Court previously reversed a century-old law that opened the floodgates for special interest groups, including foreign entities, to spend money with zero limitations in American elections.

Wealthy individuals spend millions upon millions of dollars to sway the political process. Corporations, public facing, often funnel the donations of dark money groups while donors remain secret. Much of today’s political unrest over Russian meddling and interference and hacking may result from a lack of transparency caused by Citizens United.

Many conservative people, perhaps a majority, support Citizens United. However, the amount of money spent through foreign donations have perhaps influenced both sides of the political aisle. Republicans blocked a bill to disclose foreign contributions in 2010. The bill would have required nonprofits to disclose where their donations come from. To change this now could help prevent the laundering of foreign money.

Beyond politics, it should not be difficult to imagine the dangers of ripping away transparency with respect to campaign donations. Foreign powers donate millions to nonprofits and other entities for one reason: to sway political outcomes.

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