David Giertz on the Fallback of Social Security not big with Financial Advisers

David Giertz met with Veronica Dhager a WSJ Wealth Adviser correspondent to discuss the importance of including social security as a topic of conversation between wealth advisers and clients. David Giertz a financial adviser at Nationwide Life Insurance discussed a survey conducted by the Nationwide Financial Institute which found both retirees and consumers in close age of retirement are not talking about social security to their financial advisers. Social Security is a necessary concern when it comes to planning retirement as it can make up to 40% of a person’s financial plan leading to retirement says Giertz.

The survey finds four out of five clients would consider changing to another adviser if social security was not brought up between the two. David Giertz finds advisers shy away from the topic of social security due to its tenuous comprehension. Financial advisers must have affirmed knowledge of the social security handbook when informing their consumers. Giertz found early use of social security funds can cut up to $12,000 a year over 25 years into retirement. To maximize retirement funds social security should be an early arrangement between advisers and consumers.

David L. Giertz is a financial advisor who recently served as Senior Vice President of Financial Distributions and Sales at Nationwide Insurance Corporation and moved to serve as President of Nationwide Financial Distributors, Inc. from 2013 and onward. He has over 30 years of experience as a deal broker between financial investment firms. Giertz previously worked for Citicorp Investment Firm. Giertz graduated from the School of Business at the University of Miami.

He remains as an appointer of the New York Stock Exchange Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) a private self-governmental authorization group. Giertz is on the board of trustees of Millikin University in Illinois. He is based in Columbus, Ohio headquarters of Nationwide Life Insurance Corporation.

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