End Citizens United Leverages Member Support for 2018 While Holding Speaker Ryan Accountable

There’s never been a better time for End Citizens United to reach its mission to elect political leaders in Washington that support campaign finance reform. That’s been the mission since 2015 when the political action committee (PAC) first announced its grass roots efforts. In addition to over-turning the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision (Citizens v. F.E.C), that allowed corporations to infiltrate the political system with special interest money, End Citizens United has gone to great lengths to support campaign finance reformers as candidates.

In 2018, with the re-election cycle approaching, End Citizens United is ready for the next stage to bring change to the rigged system that it believes has let the American taxpayers down. From the beginning, the PAC said that accountability would be a principle it holds for taxpayers. The political system that End Citizens United is determined to change is the one where there is no transparency of special interest money and where there is no balance of power when it comes to mega-donors, billionaires and big businesses. The Supreme Court’s decision allowed corporations to be considered as people which changed the conversation among many voters, and voters are tired of being ignored by political leaders.

End Citizens United is putting pressure on Speaker Paul Ryan who just this month supported the tax reform bill after taking in about $4.3 million of money from Wall Street. His actions were contrary to what Wisconsin voters believed he would do, yet Ryan caved to special interest groups and supported a tax bill that leaves those taxpayers in Wisconsin and all around the country with a tax increase that is scheduled to be on the books until 2027. Holding Ryan accountable and proving to Wisconsin voters who their leader is behind closed doors will be End Citizens United’s plan in 2018.

While billionaires are continuing to pander to Republicans in Washington with mega-donations reaching $11 million, regular American taxpayers are more than capable of sending the message that they’ve had enough of corporate greed.

End Citizens United went from raising just $80,000 with 5,413 member donations in the first month with its grass roots efforts to now having over three million members and $10 million. The PAC is expected to reach $35 million as it heads into the 2018 re-election cycle. The difference shows that the taxpayers are not only supporting the effort by End Citizens Unit with an average of $14 in small-donor contributions, but it’s clear that they’re standing with the PAC through the long-term mission.

End Citizens United is determined to put an end to the Wall Street deals going on in with political leaders and have them pay more attention to Main Street.

For more info: action.dscc.org/page/s/citizens-united

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