Louis Chenevert and Aviation World Expertise

Louis R. Chenevert is a business who comes from the North American nation of Canada. He used to work for UTC (United Technologies Corporation) as its Chairman. He used to be the firm’s dedicated Chief Executive Officer as well. He’s had positions with illustrious companies that weren’t UTC, too. Chenevert in the past was Pratt & Whitney Canada’s President. This executive, needless to say, has had a diverse and varied career that has given him so many exciting and interesting career opportunities throughout the years. Visit Bloomberg.com to know more.

He’s an alumnus of an educational institution that’s known as HEC Montreal. HEC Montreal is a division of the University of Montreal’s respected business school. He learned a lot during his valuable time at HEC Montreal. That’s where he got a production management bachelor’s degree. HEC Montreal awarded Louis Chenevert with an honorary doctorate degree back in the spring of 2011, too. That’s around the same time he was given Aviation Week & Space Technology’s coveted distinction of “Person of the Year.” Aviation Week & Space Technology is a trade magazine that focuses on the aviation world. It’s headquartered in the United States. The publication gave him that honor in order to acknowledge all of the great work he has done for the vast aviation universe.


Chenevert landed his position as Pratt & Whitney Canada’s President back at the end of the nineties. He already had a strong track record with the company by that point as well. That’s because he had worked for it for a total of six years. His career didn’t even start at Pratt & Whitney Canada. He, prior to landing his Pratt & Whitney Canada job, was a dedicated General Motors employee. He was with the sizable company for close to 15 years as well.

Chenevert is happy to be a native of Montreal in Quebec. He was born in the vibrant Canadian metropolis in 1958. He has a wife by the name of Debra Chenevert.

This professional is tireless. He’s always putting his energy into aviation world advancements. Keeping up with exciting aviation developments is always extremely important to Chenevert. Follow Louis Chenevert on twitter.com.

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