Waiakea Water is Redesigning Bottled Water From The Inside Out

In recent years, people have begun to become more health conscious. Now more than ever we see a decrease in the fast food intake of consumers, and carbonated beverages are becoming less of a favorite as well. The recent shift in trends has been a game changer for several food beverage manufacturers. Just a few short decades ago, bottled water was viewed as a completed waste of money. Why pay for something so tasteless, when you can get it for free? Today, nearly all companies are riding the wave of the new health-conscious generation. By simply scanning the beverage aisle at your local grocery store you will find over a dozen options for bottled water, all promising a different, better experience than the next. Read more about Waiakea Water on Medical Daily.

Based in Hawaii, the makers of Waiakea Water have completely changed the game and the bottled water industry. The name itself is unique and remains true to the brand’s culture. And let’s admit it, the thought of your water coming straight from Hawaii makes you feel like you’re giving your body something it will surely appreciate, but it’s not just the brand’s name or origin that really sets them apart. Waiakea water isn’t just water, its volcanic water. That’s right, volcanic water, bottled up for your enjoyment. Thanks, Waiakea! Unlike their competitors, Waiakea uses porous volcanic rock as a filter. Each drop runs through 14,000 feet of the Mauna Loa Volcano. How awesome is that? How does your favorite brand filter their bottled water? I’m sure it isn’t through a volcano. And, let’s face it. It doesn’t get much cooler than that. Read more articles on Affiliate Dork.

Going above and beyond, Waiakea Water is committed to redesigning bottled water from the inside out. The use of low-emissions vehicles to transport their products has qualified their Carbon Neutral certification, and in 2018 Waiakea will introduce the worlds first fully degradable bottle. Hows that for sustainability?


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