Whitney Wolfe Herd Looks to Take Over Social Media

A lot of people are going to embrace the dating app that Whitney Wolfe Herd has been able to bring forth. When she created Bumble she knew that she was creating the type of app that would be different from a lot of other dating apps out there. It is true that this is a dating app, but it would be considered different largely because it was an app that was created with more than dating in mind.

Whitney Wolfe Herd would also engage in other things like networking and friendship building by creating other components that were embedded inside of the Bumble app. No one needed to log out or switch accounts in order to get access to these features. Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF are additional features that have been connected to Bumble so that people that sign up for the dating app can switch between these different components when they want to. It is simply turning on one feature and turning off another. That is the great thing about this dating app. It provides people with the ability to see exactly what is available when they get connected to this type of environment.

Whitney Wolfe Herd really wanted to do more than just create another dating app because she knew that there were a lot of limitations on this. She did not want to be the type of person that would create a dating app and lose her connection with users. She still wants people in relationships to use Bumble. Whitney Wolfe Herd wanted to create an app that had almost the same type of feel that a app like Facebook would have.

She wanted people to be able to utilize this dating app and build friendships or network even when they were no longer in search of a date. This is why she has continued to expand Bumble over the years. She wanted to create fertile ground for a growing app that users could be pleased with even when they were not looking for love anymore.

Whitney Wolfe Herd was smart to create this type of app environment because she knew it would keep people interested in what Bumble was doing even when they were not searching for another single person to mingle with. Whitney Wolfe Herd would become a very big part of the dating app community, but the entire social media world is starting to notice this budding multi-dimensional app.


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