Talkspace: Why You Should Use This Platform

“Time is money” they always say, and to a lot of us this is very true. Time is our most precious resource, and we do not want to squander even one second of it. To avoid wasting time, we must look at everything we can that could make our life just a little more simple. One of the things to do is to consider how it is that we receive our mental health therapy. The good people at Talkspace have been thinking about that for some time.

They did not see the way that we got our therapy as a way that really worked all that well. It seemed to them that honestly we were missing the mark in a lot of ways. After all, a modern-day therapy session would require a person to be very resourceful and plan way ahead to get everything just right. This meant that a person had to look for the therapist that they wanted to see, spend money and time going to that sessions, and then possibly not even be able to continue on with therapy due to these constraints.

Instead of taking that route, Talkspace wanted to provide its users with the ability to speak with a licensed professional via text messaging. They saw an opening in the market, and they went after it. It is possible to do just about everything else via text, so why would Talkspace users not also be able to get their mental health therapy that way as well? Now they can.

The cost is reasonable starting at just $32 per week. That enables a user to get one texting therapy session with their own professional per day. That is an incredible service that can help level the playing field when it comes to who gets mental health assistance.

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