Rocketship Education Is the Hope for San Jose

There is a network of public charter schools called Rocketship Education that serves the underprivileged communities. The system has its headquarters in Redwood City in California. John Danner and Preston Smith co-founded the system in 2006. It is a non-profit organization that operates out of charity. The national organization’s mission is building a sustainable and scalable education model that boosts the achievement of underserved children nationally. It aims at eliminating the achievement gap across the country.

Rocketship facilitates a technology supported, and teacher-led model that constitutes its instructional approach. The group offers personalized learning that fits every student with the right content, using the correct instruction method at the right timing. The education system models parents who eventually join the advocacy for their children and community by profoundly engaging them in the neighborhood and their children’s learning. The institution aims at bridging the achievement gap existing in the education sector.

With the skyrocketing prices of houses in San Jose, there is a growing segregation of the poor from the affluent families with reduced or no middle-class jobs. Thus this puts the low-income families in the region at a rougher spot that it once was. It means that the unfortunate child may not be able to access education with ease.

Therefore, the Rocketship network works with community organizations, educators, and parents to build many quality schools that can assist in educating the children of San Jose which is a home to low-income families. Since 2007, the network has developed an ecosystem of 25 public schools that are high-performing. The schools serve the underserved communities.

Preston Smith who is the co-founder and CEO of Rocketship Education says that their working together with other business leaders such as Mark Zuckerberg and Reed Hastings will help them build a strong campaign in San Jose. The movement would help utilize the innovative potential of the young people of San Jose thus transforming it into a land of prosperity for all. Everything Rocketship does reflect their position within the community.

The network staff picks units relevant to the surrounding community culture. The community support embodiment by the Rocketship education system enables them to reflect the values and vision of each community.

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