Enhanced Customer Service

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a division of computer science that simulates the intelligence of a human being in a machine. Machines are able to copy the mental functions that are usually associated with human minds, such as acquiring knowledge and solving problems. The benefits of AI Technology for businesses cannot be disputed, relieving employees of mundane and time-consuming tasks allows for the advancing of employees’ skill sets. Additionally, businesses become more productive as departments and employees become more efficient.The advent of the internet age has heralded a boom in digital interactions via the world wide web including the buying and selling of services and goods and the transmitting of data and funds, which is known as e-commerce.


Customer experience is critical in any business and even more so in e-commerce, where personal interaction is very limited. The top priority of e-commerce businesses is to optimize the e-commerce customer experience as this results in satisfaction and loyalty which equates to repeat customers, positive word-of-mouth and increased profits. AI technology has allowed e-commerce businesses to provide both a convenient way to transact business as well as personalize the experience for the customer. AI technology has enabled e-commerce sites to perform the following functions:


Suggest products and services unique to shoppers

Enable product searches using images

Immediate customer service

Virtual personal shoppers

Chatbots (AI technology used to simulate conversations with customers)


Digital marketing using AI technology has also improved the e-commerce customer experience. For instance, sentiment analysis which is also known as opinion mining; determines the opinion or attitude of the customer deriving their exact likes and dislikes. Content writing is another aspect of marketing that has also benefitted from AI technology. Writing applications like Wordsmith use natural language generation technology to create content that helps to attract visitors to an e-commerce website.


AI technology has made significant strides and will continue to do so as long as the benefits are practical and achievable. While AI technology is not a perfect science its benefits have far outweighed its limitations. It has led to a more satisfying e-commerce customer experience and more efficient and effective business processes.

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