The Success in Trading Education of Greg Secker

Businessman Gregory Secker has been on top of his game for decades starring his trading, entrepreneurship, a knack for international speaking, as well as his philanthropy work.

In 2003, Mr. Greg Secker established the Knowledge to Action Group which has been one of the most successful startups he has ever created. There are a few businesses that operate under the venture. They work in the industry of trading but what brings them all to a common denominator the most is that all of the businesses are focused on educating people about trading online in order to transform their lives and achieve a lasting financial security for themselves and their family members. The companies operating under the Knowledge to Action Group are Learn to Trade, Smart Chart Software, Capital Index, and the Greg Secker Foundation as well.

Mr. Greg Secker put a start to his professional establishment when he took up a position a the Thomas Cook Financial Services. After he had amassed enough experience, Mr. Greg Secker decided to pursue his personal goal instead, and so he established the business called Virtual Trading Desk which works in the field of foreign exchange. In fact, the Virtual Trading Desk became the first online platform that offered a system for Forex trading that also did the conversions in real time. Needless to say, the startup was a huge success.

After the success of the Virtual Trading Desk, Mr. Secker received a lot of recognition for his achievements. Hewas also appointed to the position of Vice President of the Mellon Financial Corp. A few years after that, Mr. Greg Secker decided to establish Learn to Trade. The program also took off quickly, and it soon became a leader in the field of trading education. Up to date, Learn to Trade is paced in several places including London, Australia, and South Africa. So far, the program has taught more than 200 000 people how to trade successfully and securely.

Mr. Greg Secker has been greatly recognized for his achievements. He has been traveling all around the world as an international speaker on the topic of trading online.

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