Top Tips about Banking Services in Dallas, Texas

NexBank Capital Inc. is a Dallas – based company that deals with financial services. It offers the following services to their clients: institutional services, mortgage banking, and commercial banking. This bank gives typically customized banking and financial services to corporations, financial institutions, and institutional clients countrywide.

NexBank’s headquarter is in Dallas. This bank is ranked as one of the 15 largest banks in Texas. Also, it is listed as position 179 of the largest banks nationwide. It has offered employment to over 80 people. These employees serve the bank’s clients at three different locations.

Some years ago, NexBank made a $ 54 million placement of its floating – fixed rate subordinated notes for various high-net-worth investor companies. The bank intends to offer general corporate services to more clients. Since 2016, it has raised more than $ 280 million of equity and debts. As mentioned above, it provides the following services:

Commercial Banking

NexBank offers reliable, timely and quality executions. This bank has many seasoned professionals who are committed to all their clients. It provides commercial lending and funding thus ensuring that they build a long-term growth of their customers’ businesses.

This bank works closely with many real estate developers, investors, and owners. The professionals, therefore, provide a wide range of financing in all stages of real estate projects. This ensures that their businesses are thriving. They also offer treasury management, credit services, and various agency services.

Mortgage Banking

NexBank lends fund to various warehouses. Since they provide new warehouse lines, their clients can fund all their loans efficiently. This empowers their businesses making them a success. Since their professionals understand the market well, they offer customized products, e.g., Jumbo and Conforming which are handy to any company.

Institutional Services

These services are tailored to enable all financial institutions to reach their goals. Some of the primary services that this bank offers include tailored depository services and loan participation. These services satisfy the needs of all public fund depositors.

NexBank has competent and experienced professionals. They offer tailored services to all their clients. This enables financial institutions, real estate investors and other groups of their clients to reach their desired goals.


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